Anwer Ghani

A Waterfall’s kiss

I will vanish in love of Euphrates like smooth fish. I will learn the red chant so the free land smiles for its lovers and the eternal sun shines its fields. It is my beginning towards the warm skies and my story in a waterfall kissing the walkers’ foreheads. From there, the spikes of wheat radiate with thousand lights fill the earth lungs with new dawn. At that time I will scatter in the cheerful alleyways like a pigeon swimming in Euphrates.

The Freedom’s Kiss

The souls will be barren without true bloody tears. Look at Husain’s his voice, the wide door of freedom. Look at the sadness of eternity and softly fumble its bashful bracelet; the space of the hopeful sun. He is the freedom’s kiss and a red chant I will dissolve in its love without delay. He is the Euphrates’ true saying and a story doesn’t know any dreamy song. Listen to his scream: "There should be a new dawn saving this drowning world, tearing the stony heart of grey time and hitting the blind rock.

The Morning’s Kiss

O, the master of red freedom; in your paradises the lover brighten like morning’s kisses. Between your eyes the stars disappear like an icy shadow and on your hands the rebels blossom as pinky flowers. O, the master of free cloud knows nothing about absence. I am a faint story with a wide shame splitting my waiting. I am a dry desert ending in my yearning like a sad bride in her dream the death has been sitting.

Anwer Ghani is an Iraqi poet, author, artist, editor, essayist and publisher. He was born in 1973 in Hilla. His name has appeared in many literary magazine and anthologies and he has won many prizes and awards. He is the author of Narratopoet (Tajdeed PH 2017), Antipoetic Poems" (2017), TRUMP (Inner Child Press 2017), The Narratolyric Writing (2017), and 40 books in literature and religious sciences in Arabic. He is the chief editor of Arcs prose poetry and Inventives magazines, and the founder of Tajdeed Literary Institute and Tajdeed Publishing House.

Websites: https://anwerghaniwriting.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Anwer-Ghani/e/B06XK5BJBR
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