Marilyn Stablein

from a Lettrist Notebook


                                                            open pyramid
                                                            handcut sawtooth edges
                                                            single fold
                                                            book structure

                                                            three square sides
                                                            open half cube
                                                            diamond cut-outs at the folds
                                                            collaged pages

                                                            two opposite corners
                                                            meet at the tips
                                                            triangular fold
                                                            white photo mounts, empty

                                                            closed book
                                                            collapsed map fold
                                                            severed letters
                                                            un bon portrait

                                                            gloved woman
                                                            purse, scarf, hat
                                                            split letters
                                                            happy tonique

                                                            six jars of mustard
                                                            grey poupon
                                                            stocking legs
                                                            small print ads

                                                            unfolded book open flat
                                                            perspective shifts
                                                            diamond shape
                                                            north south axis

Equilaterals, interactive sculptural artist pop-up book, 2018. 5.25” x 5.25” opens to 10.5” x 10.5.” The large square when squared creates four back-to-back square “pages.” Turn, unfold to shift from two to three dimensions. Repurposed found black vintage photo album page with attached white photo mounts, collage cut- outs, handcut edges and folds.

Marilyn Stablein, artist, writer, illustrator, teacher, author of thirteen books. Her work is in private and public collections and is exhibited internationally. Visit marilynstablein{{dot}}com
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