mary c fogg
(illustrations by rhoda penmarg)

a thought

it was a beautiful blue day, with a few puffy white clouds.

the trees and flowers were in bloom.

i have never seen such a beautiful day, thought erinda.

and i don't have a care in the world. i am so glad i retired.

in fact, this is it. it doesn't get any better than this.

this is as happy as i have ever been, or will be.

and then she remembered.

mother was dead.

father was dead.

estelle and william and aunt margaret and aunt sylvia were all dead.

her cats ruby and opal were long gone.

they were all gone, and here she was thinking she had never been so happy.

what a truly terrible thing to think.

but she had thought the thought.

she couldn't take it back.

mary c fogg is another member of the Pessoan ensemble that is the horace p. sternwall stable of writers.
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