Thomas Fink


You can pray for fame;

you can crap out your heart,
if no one should be smitten with you.

To scream
with irascible steam,
to spite

a repeatable woe.
Let hoarse sullen prattle
go bounce off the banyans:
to indict

when your charms are too bleary.
Jump down off your dome
and leave your study to roam.
To teach
an impeachable art,

to strive
with your last ounce of porridge.
East is my west:
to swallow that scar,
no matter how soapless,
no matter how tarred.

One hunch that will stock me now.
To write
an unwritable song,
to hatch
the impassible scheme.
To meme
the impossible theme.

Thomas Fink, Professor of English at CUNY-LaGuardia, is the author of 9 books of poetry, most recently Selected Poems & Poetic Series (Marsh Hawk P, 2016), 2 books of criticism, and 3 edited anthologies. His paintings hang in various collections.
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