Jim Leftwich & Steve Dalachinsky

monkeywrench zoon negu

dense impiricals
have no idea of meanings
lost in amaze calculated
levity blahoooooomie
homemade suspense
calculus phase in lots
gleenings off language
no grave of ideas
on the umpirated fence
lost in the intense now
as he called his lost
film   -  1968 was & is
n't REAL estate keeps
b)l(ooming  (2018
is looming on some
horizon to be invented
later) like algae on
a lake in the floating
that sank quite a/wild
zooming near the inter/moan
begunth a guilty gulch
azimuth broomhandle zenith
grunting enter zone
queath grout aplomb
spankilderite zoon negu
in here where mole molecule
the golem.

january 2018

vacationing jockey clogs

we see this in the incessant narrative pessimism
      banana comb namely unarmed snow
in the questic future what differs between impedes
  impediments like condiments that condemn 
    the short term advertiser by offering jockey
shorts for long term lo(a)n(er)s 
  beeeeelangs in da overdrive 
            aum piedmont mint bikes hat 
    condom the snorting germ atomized in coffin 
        hockey ports for King Kong but terminal
loafers lost in the hard drive beehive
     conversationing toward aboutness
   whereas within the dialogue jitterbugs waltz
toward the infield to infiltrate the mas(k)ses
                      vacationing to ward-off 
  the albatross thin dials wither & clog the glue
bitter jugs of salt (the toe-wars on the minefield)
                fertilize the tasteless taskmasters
                            as they paddle their way thru fire,

january 2018

orphic radio

samba d'orpheo / joe beams
 the birth of wolves 
    another act of suicide aside
        from the legal complications
  somber as orphic radio
dreams of the toes the feet duende
  werewolves in the 1830s 
        the daily fact of suicide
            astride regal imp
  gibberish fits of gerrymander as in
         bends / cherry melted
discoveries all the love in the world  
  got in the way of the real issues 
            pencilia due triage debusk
    (i told you last week just as plain
as a man could speak) bearish kits
  merry ganders spin blends query
felt-tipped discoat verities in a whirl 
          of goats only one way out
in a fit of embalmed monkey-clones
       loosed from the managerie of bliss.

january 2018

a new world order a brand new day

source of erbline cake tomato not all of them 
  always in public containers accidents foul 
the mind fill it with pure psychic breton chance 
        cages and radio spice clearly censoring
    the pictures in the wild stripsicatto    thence
             the sensors all atingle as(t(e)rick) flooms 
   concula pelanga coleus cole/slawed sortie
            5th jigger implehment 
mingling the derrick crumes draculateral peels
      the Languths coiled and loose
  around the skill saw sortilege myth figuratively
          in the firmament
                            unearthed like the bulrushed
              clung north ice splayers crossed out reservating
          heathens from the hearth enunce
  mush bulwark tungsten forth in ricciatic
                layer cake roses embossed enunct
      the outer restivities vertant advertint 
inadvertently articulate as the butcher's incision 
 & off-line the oenologist looks up there skirts of a cork/screw
          & down at the legume's lump with levity.

january 2018

the dark angel's crumbs

el tango the mile in cleats 
       da bevel-headed oyster
wanna blot da boolywelg side/long
     kill da messenger i/sez as well as
da receiver who remains a believer
mango-bile on the meat cleaver dada level
banana-plot dada bowling wig sideways filler
massage the singer and seize the swelling welt
 pre-destined injust/ice in/human splucture
then purge the pandemonium less the podium
      fall smack on da dark angel's crumbs
thumbs up thumbs down thumbs around America
                the western spine in juice is
an inhuman sculpture scoop-tour soup du jour
          pandemic demon harmonium an urge
    for sodium a tall snack on the dada ark
               so mama don't ya tear my clothes
    don't step on my blue suede shoes
          & don't forget to put your RED DRESS on 

january 2018

one hundred words for poem 100

packsaddle blunderbuss thrombosis heliotropic shopworn metempsychosis
threadbare thunderhead junkyard moonbeam thunderstruck dromedary
railroad meltdown dumbfounded dumdum striptease mudslide
landslide hayride joystick slapstick seasick steamboat
slipstream copywrittten everybody interscholastic journeyman spreadsheet
brainpan pancake suitcase casebook swimsuit shoelace 
bookcase bedpan brainstorm placemat brainwave sealskin
snakebite bitcoin coinage birdcage birdbath bathtub
paleface bubblegum polymath evermore poppyseed pompom 
doorjamb screwdriver mousetrap trapdoor thumbscrew piledriver
doorway doormat doorknob diehard diamondback intermingle
surfboard teapot wristwatch hammerhead slipstream musclebound
riptide patronymic pathway patrolcar shinbone shoelace
hairdo network wheelchair dishwasher hatband buttercup
cupboard twilight oceangoing interpersonal collarbone univalve
 pack thread rail land slip        liar spills breath bushed thwack

january 2018

futuristic inascence

futuristic background voicing opinions
holds a starling
to be the liminal pacific Monday

bohemian restraints compliances
the saxophonist says goodbye
his time expired  

his train in italics
the weather falls
into the leaves

he leaves quietly
without playing syllabus
chanticleer mandate ravage

in the cathedral the loud chief
awaits the crowd
voices tattooed on drums

clappin in overdrive done
last night's chi
his underwear badly soiled

guerrilla politics eludes
failure had the solution
in affairs of the vote

those who blunderstand
are under his spell 
the undertaker prevails 

chantinder his specleer 
mandare ullate ravoed 
on drumage voices tattos  

bend cracked dieresis 
shown the dexterose collusion 
objective hazard oblation

bohemian constraints appliances 
underwater sadly boiled  
shown the sucrose illusion 

unlocked brutal agression
all suckle booglelop diplo
mattter of moon inascence

january 2018

brine puckering snakebook

thou ist the sucker of brine
two's a commpanied crowd 
the after/moon walkal like a snatcha
withdrawal from the stake of the
union snack like a Valkyrie moon
over vermin mount crowing a panic
of combs and wine puckering
wrist and brow
clockwise the counter go backards
the sifter grifts the armband we all yellow
dogs in tran/sit makealookin da birdy
swing loud sweat chariot combing fork
to carrion meat home birddroppings 
in the trainstation meatlocker
swallowing the army band riffs
the ratio of the armed nickelodeon 
the haammmerstrasser & the lamentable
laminated duskiness of schmaltz  
thou toot the smith drawing onion cover
thou misty lock wise as singing frogs
thou carrot in the hollow wings of the lion
& even the colonel's a woman now
singing in da drain a popped eye with
out a name   with/drawn & the lottery still
un/won brink crown 
snot chat of the moon
brow counter barmhand snakebook
charitable bird gifts trickling down

february 2018

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