John M. Bennett

máscara trashumante

burning maggots on the porch sed
de gorriones QUE ME INTEXTAN el
viento desescrito es la ruta de mi
rostro tezcatlipocante's next
ham boat's plume upside yr head  )d
rank fog's gland tube(  FULL FLOG
MOTE BOOM meats yr door laundry
aw gosh deck's boom hole the long
duck screen and flood steps
.bring a clod off yr th roat lis
t plunge debate FILE THE LEG
yr o wl dog blarks a cloud ,flags
and legs ,text knot s foam be
hind yr dumbster lake

Sobras hay / pero oxidadas
- Mario Santiago Papasquiaro


cercar el nonorte donde el
norte a de-surme va mi
voz un espiralazo cae y decae
hacia el cenNtro donde la
pipuerta en el “ojo infinito
de mis huellas” )M.S.P.(
opens the cave where rain
began  -  en el nmorte en la r
umbao drab b arking far a
head your voice at my back
some where...  virutas de la
grimy throat a shoe cir
cling in a parking lot
spinal cave
tu oz oraz

la boca-drenaje
- Mario Santiago Papasquiaro


your dripping cheese a
,lake not clogged top
of shirtless th rashing o
each speed's the name !
)sunken fog(  uh apt dope
returns its steaming cost's
yr fístula y drenaje yr
peccorino dried was st one
wan dered  )deep sneeze and
frogs(  your dripping knees
rising from la cloaca cloaked
in their tsunami robes it's
my swollen shadow hunching
toward the convenience store
blister nor shape
stone rises


cuevas de bisontes detenidos con el claxon pegado...
- Mario Santiago Papasquiaro

where the heartburn's current

crashes corn your fist de
sembled's rotting apple bur
st your car half roof de
tail of shirthing ,refoams a
face unsees glass storm
crashing was your linty
back asleep upon the st
air's exdream your sleeve
desteam the sandwich sh
rivelled on a broken chair
.a cob reborn a cob re
forms degagement nor
yr slipping tooth de cay
ah folded hand rest
age on a tree left slithered
down yr muddy path
≈ ≈ ≈ reborn a wind what
...choppy legs and            sweat

surge cult

loud about in the other/piano a
comb spittss teeth h  h  and a
concrete soap ignites the
hopping sun's few dimes few
eggs shining in your lap your
money is ,catastrophic revery
sweaty behind a door was
dog asleep on a jetty a
head's carcinogenic olives
fall out the washing machine
)a vacuum in your lawn
mower(  where's the lake in
heaven?  is the tooth emergent
from an onion or worms and
brillo milk centered in your
political nozzle's sticky cl
utter ,seams undone
¡wash my fire in the frothy
shirt crumpled in a long
dark box!  .shuddered with
steak in pajamas ,flannel
mimirrors and bread
:your maps compacted?  past
of the eardrum plague ,tru
mped-up turds on a couch's
sequence of spectacles and
rotting bananas .opera mullida
en la poesía es ,que cacambió
el murmundo ,curve of
dust rising from your shoes

)the next exit is the exit past           

With splinters from Jim Leftwich's
Window Is Root to a Bird

sleep shot seep
     - for Nguyen Dao Claude

enter the flock shit I uh
end omectic “egg coming face”
)Jim Leftwich(  o  )egoecoegoecoego(
hot b urn t f light off tu tumba
tuerca trueno entimental S mi S
ombras swoll ,,,freezing rain your “p
ages made of h ands” )J.L.(  was your
sleeper wrecker  .sent the lock's d rip's
your mur mar mer :
sunk lips
taste wet shoes
wind in the heart  )J.L.(

)your leaning fog...

fusilumínicos esperpentos
- Juan Ángel Italiano


remembered the sausage siz
zling on a brick “...la clavija que el
caballo...” )Clamades y Clarmonda(
yr bambambam slab's clown
leg drip MÍSERO DE TÍ un
huevo am the remembered who I
uh is ?  sangrado el ojo
mud on a phone your moth
thought moo mu mow collapsant
blot house yr fork quiv
ers in neck slaw rem
embered a peine y el
mur mar mer nido de torres
donde indormías ¡soberme
las 4 spit glass legs!
)coughing in a shoe(  )your
squid breath(  chot soakt
,seep a leak

drizzled on a log

ropa sucia

your laundry was the
lock your tooth broke on
single frayed it was it aws
dot the shape you wunt
forget as eye of gun
an orange blur dribbles on
the wall swa was not your
wiping but a seizure
in mouth wsa chalchihuitl
slimy thought saw asw asw
what slept upon what
washed in ash in sh a


trick ham grins grind and
grind some day the glassless
meat your fingered face
a stunned blond cloud
:figured yr foot at least
.hush the gnats are sleep
yr bricked hand mind ,of
grunt and hunch toward
exit  )tixe(  tu tijera
y la lluviaaa

le visage armé

the dream of a carnival is the
dream of a brick sandwich in the
bread slick with mayo was a
brick once the dream of an
open window's now the dream
of a shoe the shoe's “celebrated
impact precursor...greatly naked”
)Jim Leftwich(  before her endocliptic
sawitch and your sleeping cheese “the
brick's a book” ,nos sin aire ,and
your coughing ccoughing cccoughing a
)gun nodule pinched beneath your
hanging shirt(  A FOUL FOOL WALKS
)“sty sensory sen-fire rites” - J.L.(  wears
a hat dripping paint your hand your
sscrew  -  I swallowed the wall
it's brick you thinks she he says a
plummeting chair:
caw breeze
face of arms
A FACE OF ARMS race of wars
and worms burning gravel... rock
and what generates rock
vast and empty the final O – Ivan Argüelles
the cream of arrival was the
stairs ,ascending from a boat
nos sin aire  )eria nis son(  my
dry sun-worm the page a burning leaf

...de ma chaîr naitra la rose ensanglantée.
- José-María de Heredia

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