Clara B. Jones

Love Sonnet

1. You planned a life together, but something went terribly wrong.

2. Ernesto kissed Liliana over snake tacos in Xalapa.

3. The caviar didn't pair with white wine, & she didn't want to treat me well.

4. Style is the most important thing.

5. You like aubergines, but they have no nutritional value.


6. Black Lives Matter on Thursdays.

7. She wore green, but I rued her French accent.

8. Your mother wanted sex, but it turned out to be a bad idea.

9. In Mosul, a woman reframed her life while her son held a long gun on a scorched roof.

10. Put yourself in the mind of a martyr.

11. What happened to Kathleen Cleaver?

12. She has flawless taste in men & is a media darling.

13. Sexual harassment is part of the obstacle course.

14. You have flirted with danger.

Clara B. Jones
practices poetry in Silver Spring, MD (USA). She writes about identity, culture, & society and conducts research on experimental poetry, as well as, radical publishing. She is author of three chapbooks and one volume, and her poetry, reviews, essays, and interviews have appeared or are forthcoming in various venues.
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