Daniel f. Bradley

from P.w.a.t.h.

Metaphysical fog

Every people make good art though it nearly kill me
Pig society is midtown
The new Dresden of the golden sands
I know without a doubt then they didn’t
Then they didn’t
With feeling like you and me why are
The medic's working so hard to keep
Charles Manson alive? 1...he's 83....and 2....
He's Charles Manson and isn’t even music really
It’s a mistreating of the instrument to get feelings
Over carry on little creatures just walking away

Sex scandals may be old but victims' power is new

and Young Romantic Prizes are looking for brilliant
real people please hurry was some creepy ass shit
From concept to execution Neanderthals were doomed
the moment modern humans entered Eurasia will
not sell you a skull it is not a black Friday just
dithering and clutter

we still refer to the technology even though

we have not used it in a long time Sci-Fi
readers scored lower in comprehension generally
who is it who begat who Who speaks Who knocks
Who loves Our work If you want a more beachy
theme what matters isn’t what you sea
but how you see song about drugs and cops
a posthumous volume of her poetry to stay
away from music And poetry
And sonnets And that upright bass casting
and polishing the giant mirrors for Do
not try this at home or anywhere
For those who were told you aren’t
worthy of compassion have been
rewarded so richly
that has germs and parasites on it

a volatile mixture of molten rocks fluids

That was abusive points
when you order online
i'm in the mood for some wonder wonder
me maybe it’s that you should never
count out They are all bad
Winner to receive I'm sorry I love this
in precious glass jars for the future
trust me Time-Honored Traditions
chew with someone else's teeth
There are no more poems left to write

Like a tree it extends its

gnarled branches in many
directions toward the children
it hurts toward
the state it burdens and
the end of the day hit
peak adulthood
when your mom asks
you Where you spend your money
is an ethical
and political choice killed with
sword during fight near Florida
homeless camp into corners
and jerk off And then years pass
It’s a little bit censored
I think it’s kind of beautiful

Daniel f. Bradley. "I live in Toronto, this is my Tumblr https://fdriveshsaid.tumblr.com/. Where I have several pdfs available. I have a couple of collections of poems, and most of them are lovely physical objects."
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