Lakey Comess

Dark shadows over apothegms


Deep into dreams,
lost from thoughts,
sonorized speechless,
verbal devices.



Sleep now. You'll be all right.


Marked by an apex?
Uncovered rock.

Northwards, edge of the ravine.

Conveniently or carelessly lose time.
Open a palace for public discussion.

Hasten. Connect by means of a bridge.
Look up, not away.
There. Bright patch,
light on the water.

Dark shadows over apothegms.

Engaging assertion.

Parties without number, witnesses, documentation.

Utterly neglected that clause. Doublets. Glosses.

Weird sounding rulings, called upon uninterrupted tradition.

Grave error in harmonisation. Legend of manna.

Vanquished the philosophical, preserved allegorism.

Literal meaning, esposition,
mutual opposites, antagonised spirit.

Ancient decisions overstating the crux.
Whole new tide destroyed by fire.

Only fragments remain, blessing your back.

A man died,
images survive,
matters close.

More see, transferred. It is possible, modifies form.

Controversy, forgotten sheaves. Lichen,
palpably unobtrusive in darkness.
Intentions all regarded as accidental.
Spin out the dreams into yarn.

Actual facts supersede invention.
Stick together leniencies.

By the corridor, likely door at the end.

Down one flight,
spoken no words,

Spin a coin,
dialogue approaching
the appointed time,

Identified loud knocks on the wall. Desired result.
Transfinitude, single framed perspective.

Be deceived, who is willing to deceive.


Virtually effortless___you'd better run___beyond reason or wild card shuffle.
Endorsements are back. Go on recalling muslin curtains. Scorch marks.
Dirty landing windows.

Latest bulletins.


Undischarged request for redemption.

bells. Allegro molto,
out of time. Pulsation
of northern lights,
rocking quality.

Reactions, surges of sound. An environment.

Violent double octaves.
Sustained breath,
motives, impressive
polyrhythms, barbs.

Wired and clear,
it certainly tears at the heart.

When will Now pause.

Hurricane's eye.

Sheltered completely by fog.

Select nothing

An architect, injured by accident, reconstructed his life at the early morning club. Verdicts are delivered from Halls of Justice, weight of the bench comes into play, fuels chapters about

interpretation of remit,
restrictions of time,
checking out,
value, scale,
tolling bells,
cries of glory.

Merely selects nothing, promises
"odd meal and drink, out of tenuous association."

Honest and real discussion scrutinise where to go.
Look back at the future, look forward.

No trump, China,
five flowers, broad stand,
horse chill, stop pit,
scraps of paper,
long since burnt.

Moment's peace and quiet
came later, was interrupted.

" Absence of i-dots in writing is revealing."
Tour de force in reassured analytical thought.


Sent a memorandum around the stations. A real honour, privileged sections of society express their views while the rest of the hoi polloi grow weary listening.

Hang out in a magnetic field, tested by the control room engineer, respect, fear, understanding. Take care. We gotcha. Flatten the void.

King George harangues the crowd at an exhibition,
talking just as though you were up against the wall.

Focus the problems broadcasting.
Think about the content of what you are saying.

Two poles of the field break in, expand and relax, ready to go.
Dominant style of singing opera, fill the theatre, let rip.

Short circuit the equipment,
experiments stand with their backs to the 'phone and

                drop your voice.

Qualities of intimacy, sincerity, fragrant roses sing softly,
                “I'm in love with you, honey.”

Come into the radio,
                blue and green silk, golden alpha,
best in spring, sun on his back.

Weekly visits at the end of the street,
                whole notion of surveillance and terror
post-watersheds details of imagination,
                cross sections view the orchestra.

What is love?

Robin in snow, heart setting standard,
idle thoughts on riverside, end of the carnival.

Float in a cloud of chiffon,
                you don't really expect to live lyrics.

Lakey Comess, born U S A in 1948, has lived in Israel, South Africa and the Orkney Islands in Scotland and now lives in Glasgow. She has contributed to Versal, Big Bridge, Gulf Stream, Milk, Hutt, Otoliths, Hamilton Stone Review, Mad Hatters' Review blog, On Barcelona blog and other publications, also as Lakey Teasdale.
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