Scott MacLeod & Texas Fontanella

Stop Every Tragedy Except This One
Panels 25-36

Scott MacLeod has been presenting live, time-based, conceptual & static work in the San Francisco Bay Area and internationally since 1979. His installations and paintings have been widely exhibited in the Bay Area at venues including Southern Exposure, The Lab, George Lawson Gallery, and SFMOMA as well as internationally in the Czech Republic, Belgium, England, Italy and Germany. Visual arts awards include the San Francisco Art Institute’s Adaline Kent Award (2000) and a Wallace Alexander Gerbode Visual Arts Award (2001). His fiction, poetry, theater and critical writings have been widely published in the USA and abroad, and he has co-produced several international cultural exchange projects between USA, France, Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. He lives in Oakland, California.

Texas Fontanella is currently doing their cert 3 in applied fashion design and technology at ultimo TAFE and so doesn't make quite as many erasures as before. Their work has previously appeared or is forthcoming at In Between Hangovers, Uut, Ex Ex Lit, Futures Trading, The Zoomoozophone Review, The New Post Literate, Rasavada, Moss Trill, Beakful, H&, Truck, PoetryWTF & The Helios Mss.

Note: Stop Every Tragedy Except This One was compiled by Scott MacLeod using edited erasures by Texas Fontanella as captions for panels culled from Russell Keaton's 1940s comic strip "Flyin' Jenny."
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