Marilyn Stablein

From A Lettrist Notebook


two brown envelopes
back to front
two pages of a book
above window
white oval tile
an address

Magyar Posta
Nederland 4 cents
well-traveled envelopes
World Wide
Stamps Guaranteed Genuine
Attractive Pictorials
glassine envelope

pen & ink
handwritten letters
fine penmanship
Residencia Universal
Espana Correos
US postage
one cent

one side for address
another for correspondence
3 Post Cards
white lettraset
black & red letters

Correspondences, 2018, 5.25” x 7.25” x .25” Interactive sculptural artist book. Opens to 10.5.” Unique 4 envelope flap binding, brown and blue stationery, four envelope back to back pages. Postal collage & inserts, vintage stamps, posted cards, vintage postmarks, cancellations, stamp collector’s glassine packet, lettraset & stick on letters.

Marilyn Stablein, artist, writer, illustrator, teacher, author of fourteen books. Collages forthcoming in Gargoyle magazine and Raven Chronicles books. Her work is widely exhibited and in private and public collections. Visit marilynstablein{{dot}}.com
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