Cecelia Chapman

@semi@, @lph@w@ves, medit@tion

Cecelia Chapman writes:
"In the drawings @semi@, @lph@w@ves, medit@tion 2018, I want to produce Alpha state, the middle of the brain wave spectrum, considered the healthiest wave range. Delta and Theta waves are associated with unconsciousness and deep-sleep. Beta waves, just above Alpha waves indicate a state of intense concentration, and, when maintained for a long time, transform into feelings of fear or anxiety. Beta state is crucial in danger, and fight or flight, when mental alertness is essential. Gamma waves are dangerous to the brain, cycling at the highest frequency.

"Artists and creative thinkers generally have high levels of Alpha wave activity. An Alpha state aids a person’s problem solving skills, when both hemispheres of the brain communicate. The Alpha state is intuition, and at 7.5Hz it is clearer, closer to your subconscious mind, the base of your conscious awareness. Children experience Alpha waves more than adults. With age brain wave pattern shifts from Alpha to Beta.

"My process to construct alpha environment is to deconstruct graphic strategy. The visual skills and cues I have accumulated and learned to communicate with, rapidly, aggressively, and clearly, have been inverted and reversed. I used asemic drawing and writing, which, with it’s lack of message and visual rhythm, is conducive to Alpha state. Using the @ in the title I wanted to indicate brain states are ‘places’ a person can go to. The mandala is an image associated with meditation and alpha state.

"Strathmore paper, gouache, watercolor, ink, graphite, personal rubber stamps. 11 x 14 in., 28 x 35.5 cm."
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