Gustave Morin

Fragments from Chthonic Youth

The Canadian Concrete Poet Gustave Morin just released his 14th book, A Few Poetry (Nietzsche's Brolly, Toronto, 2018). Other recent titles include Xerolage 68: The Big Tomato (Xexoxial Editions, Wisconsin, 2018), and his typewriter poem tour de force, Clean Sails (New Star Books, Vancouver, 2015). Chapbooks are forthcoming through Puddles of Sky Press in Kingston, and Unarmed in Minneapolis. He makes his happy home in a small Canadian frontiertown with his two lovely ladies, Jenny & Nova. Chthonic Youth was the name of an 350 hour site-specific architectural collage installed at Artcite, Inc. in Windsor, Canada, in October & November of 2016

Gustave Morin in front of part of the Chthonic Youth exhibition
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