Lakey Comess

Come in, slow and quiet

I like your strategy. It's hot.

Call on the tactical teams. Kick the door closed.
Track down years, miles, missing minutes.

They say you really have lost your powers.
You know, if the shape fits...

That's four thousand square feet,
incongruously shrouded with prefab ideas, leftovers, sterile.

Detracts from the columns. Carpets need cleaning.
Does this mean anything?

Forms of address are important.
So, we will avoid personal transmission.

I'll be in touch. You call me first. It's safe.
I almost never pick up.


Fat mogul

Your work suffers
(one result of his snooping proximity),

plot invented by sticky kingpin,
fat on dreams of vulnerable quarry.

Clay lengthens into a face as long as a broken violin.
Arms grow like tentacles.

Eyebrows vamp Mephistopheles,
Don Juan in hellish, grasping interference.


Now take paralysis out for a walk.

Here is a bowl of anodized bronze roses,
boy wearing towel, poetic fulcrum.

Here, too, window shades are torn off windows.
All the better to see cynical parade pass by.

Celebrate the ending of a week-long festival of nihilism
by breaking bottles blocking your way.

You have to carry your luggage like battering ram,
barge through the crowd.

Home is where shelter sprouts lacey green fronds.


Fair dinkum doxology

Something written compounded with reckoning.
Sense all around you, cloaked in explicable seasons…

Sense you, inexplicable,
                all around, cloaked,
                               in seasons, reckoning.

Discomfort shapes terms.

The vagrant,
                tacking return
to the faintest
                idea, gives breath
to a rainbow.

Oh, we would like to believe in the phantom cavalier.
Attitude that on the topical sonata of the day.

Troops successfully import outcry and presentation,
meet in saintly absolution,
                chart death,
                low points to a higher history.

Memorable manners, the ruinous rises up.
The serpent malice and so forth…

Differences between creed in fair dinkum and doxology.
Lands, teinds, secure as foundations, suspended animation.

Acronyms will be revealed shortly.
Rugged terrain interjects,
completes the remains of debriefing.

Midst of a detailed document. Threads on the warpath.

Writing so similar in components of wide circles, habitually marvelling at incidence.
Writing so similar in circles, incidence of wide components, marvelling habitually.
Deep conversations over the cobblestones. Helter skelter, a whole house of cards.

Intimacy acquaints itself with restoration, searching for additions.

Nil-seven and the hangman's smile.

Think of eternity and heartily preserve the comments.


Lakey Comess, born U S A in 1948, has lived in Israel, South Africa and the Orkney Islands in Scotland and now lives in Glasgow. She has contributed to Versal, Big Bridge, Sidereality, Shampoo, Gulf Stream, Milk, Hutt, Otoliths, Hamilton Stone Review, Mad Hatters' Review blog, On Barcelona blog and other publications, also as Lakey Teasdale.
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