Sanjeev Sethi

At Random


If eyes are slit, it doesn’t mean one can’t see.
Balladmonger too has right to enter rink of
the well-heeled. Combating antinomes ensures
growth. Laughter reduces sexual fever. Any-
one interested in intendment of omnishambles?
Moral compass has no place in topsy-turviness.


There is comfort in familiarity of walls. They
have been with me for thirty years, longer than
my lovers. They have altered their incrust, not
feelings. Mure is like peeps in a pic: as good
as you want them to be.


Choices are forged by deficits in other kinships.
Hear yourself, astucious hearken their heart as
ratiocination fabricates wraps in weft of telluric
nods. Assuetude prods me to connect with a lot
of layouts to grok homes are inside us. Smooth
communication moonlights to eclipse mishaps.
In laughter I unmask poorly lit trials. Marigolds
lose their everydayness in sullied landscapes.


Poltergeists in my mind are more menacing
than any inhabiting earthbound spaces. I
wish I could indite about silky evenings in
exquisite settings but the belt is blighted. To
be in sync with oneself or to key in for smiles
of loved ones? Ickiness is hard to erase: isn’t
new or nameless. Hymn at the etape is to
trudge vexatious terrain eager to seal it.

Master Plan

Sans levee one superintends freshets.
Growing up is gratuity without a John
Hancock. With run-down moiety new
moons rise. Some lunes go on without
desinence. Amid the mediocrity of my
medley I meet my cruciform by aiding
others reach order in their vacuities.

Sanjeev Sethi is the author of three books of poetry. His poems are in venues around the world: The Broadkill Review, After the Pause, Chicago Record Magazine, Horror Sleaze and Trash, Former People, Unlikely Stories Mark V, The Piker Press, M58, A Restricted View From Under The Hedge, Bonnie’s Crew, The Pangolin Review, Strands Lit Sphere, and elsewhere. He lives in Mumbai, India.
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