Christopher Mulrooney


I wrote the letter
just as it was dictated to me later
I folded it three ways and got on the horse
I went the miles and mailed it after three weeks
came the replied contents
inside it was the envelope
it said Thursday replied
there was nothing else

Kottis Ottily

the great hero
they named it after
the branch library

superb with the lame
till our face falls off


I’m writing the novel the screenplay the play of the short story
that appeared in a great journal of the Upper Midwest
some fifteen or twenty years ago now
let me recollect it was an airplane ride from Toledo to Vancouver
a long wait on the tarmac a long time in the air then traffic for miles

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Blogger hlowe said...

Thank you, Mark Young, for publishing these three poems. I believe they belong to a selection of seven poems that Christopher sent in April, 2014. I was happy to come across them.
Heather Lowe

5:59 AM  

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