Tiana Marrese

The Downs of Feathers
Feathers were flying everywhere
I couldn’t stop crying for all those birds
I could not stop crying

                —Andrea Gibson
With other people                                           She sits
                by the flowers                                               holding feathers
                the sounds of laughter filling                    in her mouth.
pushing emptiness from their smiles,                                  she tastes nothing but
                               measures against                                        solitude’s hold
                               They gather                                     Around her so tight
                as their feet dance                                                                       and heavy breathing
                to revival music                                                          In cold air
                               up and                                  down. Losing the
beat, reminding them of                                                            rhythm with
a funny story about                                           this note. Can’t remember what happened
                last night                                                                        (breathe) with Joe

                                              and all those birds

Tiana Marrese is a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Mathematical Sciences specializing in Statistics and Operations Research.
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