Tom Montag

from Gypsy Poet Tour


If there's more than
one Earth, is there

more than one God?
Even if there's

only one God,
is there more than

one Son of God?
And if there's more

than one Son, are
They all carbon-

based, like ours,
or is there One

who's silicone?
Could we love a

Reptile Jesus
they way we love

the Bearded One?


Sign says, "After
you die you will

meet God." I say,
"If you live right

you will have met
him before then."


Who opens
the trees where
flowers find

the light? Who
sends the light?
Is there a

God for woods
and flowers?


Stars offer
the sky
in all its

Hope is

the speck of
light which
speaks for us.


Not myth
shall we make

of bone and
blood, grass

and leaf,
wind, water,

all things seen
and unseen,

these things
we love —

not myth
shall we make,

but mystery.

Tom Montag writes: "The poems above are from my current series in progress, Gypsy Poet Tour, which is a big swatch of poems I wrote on my recent month-long tour of the US west of the Mississippi. The poems are a little out of character for me — I'm more a pantheist than one who talks about 'God.'"
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