Andrew Taylor

From The 280's
Early bales Derbyshire & Department 79 telecommunication allows for instant gratification Château d'Hérouville music recorded by the wall a crow on a post green backdrop cloud cover solar farm beyond hawthorn elderflower bows in acknowledgement before tunnel air exits at pace

Follow the caw shift in the chorus to an eventual fade a gentle slow form solo breaks granite shimmer shadows slowly veer toward an annexe under sun warm slate there is movement that diminishes almost immediately a slight return towards evening and the eventual calming silence

Sun penetration pink opaqueness a find at the egg stage evening lanes with dust thickened ditches no need to pack right it is minutes away take flight the mural of nature mother’s disturbance eventual reorder & unfailing goods alongside a quiet acknowledgement of insect highways

1952 addendum for rum no that is not a train with a facility for keeping tea warm non-neon billboard Ogden’s Tom Lord a ready-rubbed Virginia tobacco ideal for the new pipe smoker south of New Cut The Docks Line of Railway cotton and corn storage Cotton Street appropriately named

Change but not decay corn cocoa raw cotton oilseeds sugar long hauls from quay to warehouse small footprint cellar and six economical for certain classes of goods inner motorway plan disruption transit shed relocation track salvaged cobbles reset add a silo corner public house

Pratensis shorn gathered rolled to be collected and stored to be treated by sun trace perennial evidence machinery trimmed bramble busies itself amongst lane dust boundary greyish brown light greyish olive very light purplish blue light greyish yellowish brown dark olive green

Andrew Taylor is a Nottingham (UK) based poet, critic and lecturer. His second collection of poetry, March, was published in 2017 by Shearsman Books. He is editor of M58 and a co-editor at erbacce.
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