Daniel f Bradley

from Sometimes a Great Nozzle

Because diamonds are forever

I love harder than you
I will encompass your desk and you will see
Love as the great colonizer
Containing some scattered and some more delineated
threads on fair Lover
as the great colonizer the reflexive machinations of
Wilkinson's Proud Fleshpot attendance to
dislodge these these aphids
but ultimately reinforce and re-inscribe them
Do I drown in this grotto of superfluity

Abyss Quenchers

Something about the cover-up intrigued me
Something timeless
Something natural
Something familial
For some rebuke I turned to the last poet
in the bookend this one and and re-read
Purchased the purchased the bookstall
And re-read at honeybee
The muscular and the natural sexuality mesmerized
And the and the enemy so so
Adamic in its naming and so mystical in its enemy

Phantasia Aqua Twirl

Thrown backcloth by the by the etymology
rocket of the earthwork
we pushed forward toward the toward the dosage
stepson by stepson
to the incredible cricket that in estuary
bridged the temporal and the in-temporal
How we might How we might crossword was
held in the barking of the destroyer dog

from Repetition Pander

Got folks, got knives, got to cut something. The world's last male northern white rhino has died, leaving only two females left to save the subspecies from extinction. Happy Kingdom is pretty fun. Don’t you love the mind-blowing plot twist that seems to come out of nowhere, yet makes complete sense, and prose about our fascination with dolls and where the streets have no shame. Revered Green will be glad to see you, when you haven’t a pray. The civil wars and the uncivil wars. Sometimes it’s just woo woo hoo Yonge st Friday night. No Slayer butt ass. She’s always been a sack cloth designer as far as I know. Over head a rainbow appears in black in and white. Oh snap! The rock cried out. 


Do you know the names of each of these different weapons? Do you have the knowledge to make Royalty, Knightly Nobility, or will you end up among the peasants? A security guard recalled being asked where all the women were, apparently in earnest, in the minutes before he began his slaughter. Countdown to ecstasy. The loneliness of sounds from another apartment, ballot stuffing, do you want to come, it's free and their playing some Wagner, I mean what could go wrong? Then we realize that 100-year-olds can probably still recall the embarrassment or shyness or guilt or anger of their adolescent self. And the crap in the air will fuck up your face. And I get a li'l bit of Paris back when I hear this. You look so dumb right now standing outside my house.  


We all know that love, when it comes sex-wrapped and drooling with lust's vice-grip talon-like circumstances will kindly rip you a new one and absolutely slaughtered this, his own version. RIP. Watch out and have a love, we'll travel wow I never remembered the violin. She also had a public house named after her in Pontypridd. 7:00pm – 9:30pm. An undercover cop in a not-too-distant future becomes involved with a dangerous new drug and begins to lose his own identity as a result. I got the sling shot I got the stone to prioritize prestige programming over generic drama. Mushrooms Can Eat Plastic, Petroleum and CO2. Legitimise and then consummate your relationship with your mono-mixed Beatles albums and coloured 12-inches. Now we wait to see how the earth retaliates.

from Pieces in the Old Style of Berrigan, for Spicer

Come to Toronto
Most of the words are brand names although
This is the thing that I grew up with and I think everybody grew up with
We growled and snarled like badly kept animals
Her knowledge of European history was zero
To see stags in your dreams indicates much toil and small recompense
Music that’s is dumb on purpose
I never permitted Mr. Trudeau to fuck me
Oh, I can keep secrets too
Here is a little song about hunger
By the gym teacher proclaiming overly breathy prose
Wally became obsessed with the idea that he had been railroaded
To turn his daughter, out onto streets to hustle
There are no flies on me Toronto


And by the number in those days
But I’m having a line of coke with you
My wife and I are students
Old time sailor moon being keel-hauled
The six-million-dollars man works on the same principal
Pretending all these years
Heard mutterings
The cut marks were the same oh I can keep secrets too
And that little box has been opened before
Back in Toronto Vivi was growing up
And weird but I could dig it
But I quickly forgave them those other times for what they do
The title is taken from the songs by Cohen
A little song of hunger

Daniel f. Bradley: "I live in Toronto. I am quite private, but I have a site https://fdriveshsaid.tumblr.com/. I have never won a prize. I have not applied for an arts grant in over 25 years. I do not work in academia. I also have been know to take photos which get posted here — https://www.instagram.com/bradley.danielf/."
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