John M. Bennett

merienda por fin

in the shelf a shadow swallowed
in heaving lunch elotes y lumbres
was brûme disant was un toldo
explicándose en el aire de la
tarde oscura no te puse
el agua adrede no te abrí el
pecho...  starved death is a
harbinger to remember veins y
venas verás de frases pegajosas, la
cocina alumbrada con orinas
)mask, usual with simpering, to hum
iliate the avenue(  la esencia in
esencial lo que vale son las
caras las caras las car al ras

)episodio de periódico inmortal(

Con dos versos de Jim Leftwich, de su libro
Transmutations of César Vallejo


These words are the bones of the
past are the way of sight:
book mirror crystal eyeglasses
clock :gut cloaca snore son los
huevos del aire y añoro el
ahora en que aparezco en que
flicker ,flame almost out is a
circular wall and a gate between
cheeks a pool fought over
in the palm of your hand blood
drips from your eyes

pinche poesía like clamps
shut the turd pinched off
- what you left – a nostril
blow – stiff mouth shut the
fuck up I should – or shape yr
lumbered exit stuffed with
socks  yr shadow bleeds
white all the red you strang
led skin flaked in a bag of
onions paper sherds I walk
upon – listing the voices on
a paperclip – I named yr
swallowed tortilla - “Frank” I
think ,or “subsequent meandering”
,ah my clotted door !

the dream of the letter R
is a dream of a tool sinking
in a lake the lake are the
words you always forgot

mirror or lexicon

can part he as cold now
had man we too old one
are hand she not fast small
are fly you but bare hard
fly stop ran time start
man told walk eye taste the
leg did smell this face
walk live which lap ate came
if no us on of work
where from him the at foot
where baby them some for beast
hear which hate eye ran saw but
its soft fly a foot laugh leg

bare fly
cold foot ran

in cald blood

single blood single faucet knob
yr hop flat stream double
)gnaws in a cage(  I felt
the vacant was it a street ?
flat cows wander at last the grass
“simple truth” what shit  )was
clinging underpants(  )crack slick(
troubled mud and nasty ones
,trickle past yr door its
endochronology if'ens offless
thru yr ffeett  .bones
ststicky in socks that is
your bangk account ,ash
and ash and as h

is deeper than a thaw

bowl of grubs
     - Thanks to Bibiana Padilla Maltos

form's slotted breath on a
slab writhes ,bllistered
socks sunk in a manhole
drain or slipping voice's
weak storm outside a
l o o m ing mall  l l
geese and moths shroud the roof
═  ═
a dream of shopping for clothes
is the dream of a street
filled with shining worms
all crawling in the same direction
;this must be the dream of the
sun traversing the sky in
reverse   )world's a box
your siezured throat 
drowns in air's
fingered cough sticky
film in a wallet
mouth gun        O
speak a book

cheese ,soft tines chewed

fog pole

en raft ohn
meatster ssmm
oke p late r

high tree face

leaves or fog

th ink sk
ull be low y our

)a neck in bed     (

díme pulpo semanticomido aexplicable :plé game plor falvor

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