Márton Koppány


Self-portrait as A4

"a thing of interrelated constituents first appears to an awareness as a whole, but may then be deliberately divided in order to focus on different constituents; yet, for the arising of an intuitive understanding that leads to purposeful activity, one needs to unite the constituents and once again comprehend the thing in its closely interrelated form."

Márton Koppány (b. 1953) lives in Budapest, Hungary. He has been interested in (visual) poetry and (language) art since the late 70’s. Recent books in print: Endgames, Modulations, Addenda, all by Otoliths, 2008, 2010, 2012; The Reader, Runaway Spoon Press, 2012; The Seer, Redfoxpress, 2017. In anthologies: Anthology Spidertangle, The Last Vispo, A Global Visuage, The Dark Would and The New Concrete. Recent shows include: Text Festival, Bury Art Museum, 2011 and 2014; Asylum, collaborated with Albert Pellicer, Iklectik Art Lab, London, 2017; Foreigners, Bury, 2017.


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