Dream Meli

Structure of Stepping into the WoBBle


Sonk and Stew Sonder and Yonder my froks did whispair:

Emma Will sin Will sin did not Sin yet my little yetti pet 
but will sin soon sin like a destructure decomposing my favorite love shove rough notes 
peeling wide and long c uCu mber Sir Faces Madam Ttttasteless

Emma Will well Emma Will Em Em e E oo E oo E 

MaMAMaM	                              	.                              		you look like my dad
                              		will  sin  aga  in 
                              		blood  bloom  bloil 

T h e  s i n  i s  i n  f r o n t  o f  m y  b a c k  a n d  g r o wing c older 

Emma Will Sin in a Land of Stags and Seedless Mellons 
it has been prophesigned by the p rim n p roper p ink keys u p tea p arty d d  d   D
holding masx and xrying


downward reach each each their fingers twigs and toelix roots freedom found in a jutted round constant 
swiggle in my cold skull forever floating awkward like an unhit baseball or bit through my stomach legs lacking 
elbows on wood where we would be longing for a proper reprepresent proper but painful sliding to the sound of 
lungs and lunging loud with wha ha hipbone hues enclosed in this wooden cave to save my lift red memories 
who sees the time tipped with vomit and desire and so much space pace the face tasting brows and rows of 
wandering toes do not forgitty the way they grab you and speak in globes repspitition psp tst pum qum lumping 
my want with capped unlistening turned siteways out with ribs ripe for staying here where we wanted to talk 
about our feeling on our feet floundering smothered yet untouched 


Bim                                                                                                      								Huu hwa
                ChapPa                                                                                           							Shintap-toopat
                              		bom bom	                                                                           				bbbbbbbbb
               	Bhap                                                             					ssssskssskssssskksssssk
                                             			Rawwwww sire and desire
                                             			in a redefinition of space and night

it's always night see but you can't see sometimes the sun is too close

                                                                                                                                       									eye hear you way out here


Bit my lip I did not find lief nor reliver my rectum has been bleeding for weeks now 

                                             			Butt it is probababylonian nothing

                                                                                                         							i i want i i 
                                                                                          						2 2 b b seeeeeen
                                                                                                         							BY the
                                                                                            ALL SEENG EYE 
                                                                                                         							i want to be the all
                                                                                                         							i want to be pretty 

my rectum has been bleeding for weeks now but it's probably nothing 


{ [ { [ The aliens were glowing and growing teal light lines plugged up my saints { } [ ] > > > ..................................
you are only ready for the last >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Oio ioO 
iOi  oiO 


Watching brothers beaten by distance
trapped by uns uns uns uns uns uns 
                               			Pointing to a scape P
                                                             drizzled in
                                                             doubt and
                                                             some sws

                                                            	the wall
                             			           that I stared


My palms they groped my hairy belly
and they slid past my hairy thighs 
and they dove into the ocean of a thousand hairy lies 
My arms outstretched liike a hairy crucifix
Twirling like a hairy barn

Were these the lyrics you were looking for when you googled that androgyne who hid behind her strangeness?
That gift outgrew its usefulness until it called you back

My words outgrew their youthfulness until they went on the attack
cumming out of the page like little birds that you fap to cuz you're gross like that 


low humming run humming sun humming wand seewooop
The phallic mysunderwhere of yestersayr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
recreated bots built up by bots making rebots rebots > tss
Fingers covered in soggy mushroom ashessssssssssss

welcome to the sewage submarine 

this jour this jour this jour i was good

pls pls pls taaaaaAaaaaaaAaaaaa

                                                                                                                                                      											licking honey off the ceiling 
                                                                                                                                                      											   the whole past in reverse

Dream Meli helps run the Forbidden Fruits, an experimental cabaret collective based in Salt Lake City. She enjoys creating dreamlike experiences for her audiences no matter the medium, and is open to being contacted at dreammeliart_at_gmail_dot_com.
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