Jesse Glass

France Urns F ‘absurdist’ lay right gene Ion    O

Paris (Reuters)          F
       day      urned
layright         O gene Ion,    O
       oMan           f & F
world’s most performed au-
          died at 8

             f Paris


                o slyly

x & F it
      red        “His vi
sion of the world--        surd,
iron     ,      dis   --  pro—
                     our era,”
sd              F     
ean d’Or     . 
       oman          tell              so
urned his death, describe
       it as a         O O O
“                     death
       parable lo      not only
for     man   but     o for
the whole              d,”     distin-
guished                         Ion
     all                in            all.
O     f        the pre-eminent “ab-
surdist” writer whose work
eat      ion     o      pict
                one    pair in
                        ten delicious
“                to say is
          to say,” he once
sd in a typical
           phrase.  But I
     say             is per-
haps         deo     shot,       f
      laying uninterrupted in
Paris       f
       gene        Ion
               38 exiled
                    anti   unit
f       ascist       oses
        Prima       deo    Donna.
               outs.    cessful

               (Ode on the death of Eugene Ionesco)

from The Complete Gaha Noas Zorge & sky—color of a cuttlefish belly & brain measured in mustard seeds & want the world to crowd directly into nerves & nodes today & Living-Chain-Man Self-Regulating Man stare into blank screens Man screaming: madam I’m adam madam I’m adam madam I’m adam (the bullets just drilled home, the bets not yet pocketed) & an old gentleman stinketh of piss & runneth to catch a train & blink & blink & n,e,v,e,r blink a,g,a,i,n & the baby w/ chrome brains (in the arms of the young woman running jangling rings on ears & fingers behind the old man) thinks: “0/1 “0/1 “0/1 “0/1 “now “goes “perishing “the “e,m,p,t,i,e,s,t “of “ANGELS” & among this moment’s coffee guzzlers & crumb cadavers of terra cotta physique who will stop to lay a golden reed against the sun? not a one.

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