Marcia Arrieta

the center holds

we read books. consider decimals.  imagination wrestles duties.  the trees are portals.
Frida Kahlo.  Octavio Paz.  Einstein.  the invisible a ship.  waves.  sandstone.  light.

    articulate the interval between space & time the forest & the meadow how we seek the desert the rocks the sky to contemplate/sketch an existence— a Benedictine chant a Kandinsky painting a Dickinson poem
    the ridge of distant sea spirits & chains the furies are snowdrifts hollyhocks & larkspurs the fire a tide instant of survival * daffodils emerge Athena becomes a tree harbors the owl a mask is found sun & moon
    etchings, echoes herself a resistance a fish a chrysanthemum to stray bulldoze the lines perceived as ordinary anywhere sometimes toward sometimes away
    complete the tasks personify the lotus or perhaps the mud the wind comes fiercely Poetry should be silent, unread, invisible, inconceivable. The true poem can never be written or heard. Charles Bernstein footnote the painting slight the momentum the air is indiscriminate
    I travel covered in seaweed or maybe reticence walking in leaves looking for clarity or maybe solace seamless

Marcia Arrieta recently journeyed between the houses of Pablo Neruda and the land of the Moai, and finds herself reading the biographies of Agnes Martin and Robert Frost, and Anne Gorrick's An Absence so Great and Spontaneous it is Evidence of Light. Her current work appears in Anastamos, the winnow, Hobart, Whiskey Island, Osiris, Empty Mirror, Parentheses, & Eratio. She has two poetry collections: archipelago counterpoint (BlazeVOX) and triskelion, tiger moth, tangram, thyme (Otoliths), and a recent chapbook thimbles, threads (Dancing Girl). She edits and publishes Indefinite Space, a poetry/art journal.
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