Nicolette Wong & David Heg


Cross the line to sway your self
in plain sight for whoever
has seen you embracing

the wrong face, the wrong touch,
the wrong utterances
and everything that transpires

in between. A merciless force:
the compulsion of the body
moving across the fence,

skin pressed against cold paint
in search of juncture.
The dance is long, circuitous.


The tarnish bends its chorales
into pathways at dawn.
The coalescence is ours.

               Rattle the will to raze
the days passing—
the throbs in our strides,
a glare between twists
before the turn into
               Grasp it whole.
Let it run and burst.

David Heg is a photographer and educator currently manifesting in the wooded hills of eastern CT. His work has appeared in A-Minor Magazine, Posit, Silver Stork, Blue Fifth Review, and other venues. He continues to remain grateful that his work has yet to be published posthumously.

Nicolette Wong is the editor in chief of A-Minor Magazine & Press. Her writing has appeared in Posit, Bellingham Review, Crab Orchard Review, Escape Into Life, and other venues. Visit her at http://nicolettewongwriter.com
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