Winston Plowes

Brain Music #3 - Halifax is Sleeping
    The Craving It must be the march of the brave souls of the drawing of the truth of the giant magnet of life itself given here – under my skin. Hope, dark and thick always through a narrow time Oh, and the constant hunger of wisdom always hungry always have been
Brain Music #1 - 'L' for Lost
    ----------✂----------- cut the grass and the scrapings off belong to you cut the grassroots of the Yukon and have a great day cut it down to earth and a lot more fun will be had cut down on Sunday night until you are interested in joining us cut out more details about your favourite music for me cut off from work and play. The list is not a choice of words cut my fingertips to get the hand to fit cut off your hands and take the chickens to the doctor cut and I will be there to move the drawing on my own cut out the best way to get back to me cut and paste the code for your help and support cut and I will come to you by email or by telephone

In the summer Winston Plowes is a hare chasing bicycles and winning by miles. In the winter he trains moths, categorises lost jigsaw pieces and tunes the family silver. Each night his word art returns to roost guided by starlight from the pages of journals published worldwide, back to his floating home in Calderdale. www.winstonplowes.co.uk


"The Craving" was the result of translating the lyrics of the song Constant Craving (k.d. lang 1992) into Japanese and back again five times using an Internet translation tool.

"----------✂-----------" was composed from text messages made by using the suggested word function of predictive text. Lines collected from Miss M.R. Howell and students of The University of Central Lancashire (Preston) year 2 Music Degree course and the author’s own mobile phone.

"Brain Music #1, 'L' for Lost" - Magnetic L plate found in road.

"Brain Music #3, Halifax is Sleeping" - Found text copied from The Local Studies Department of Central Library & Archives, Halifax (small handbills collection).
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