J. Crouse

Chronological Order

I. Synopsis of Contents

obscurities in of and obscurities earliest account of a tradition of about and account of and its of east at of in and eastern and of east alleged origin of and intercourse with and appearance the scene second of accompanied employment and of at of establishment at of in as of in arrangement of in a separate to man of in of arrangements of a galley and of a fleet and of and expedition of and imprisonment of and outbreaks in of in expedition in of each other at and a prisoner in of on of at or of at a prisoner a person other of identity of after of imprisonment at of at of and as a merchant and of and in it of original old of old is of all others employment of in age various of or oldest and others a sub-class of a translation at injudicious in of in of a curious estimate the character of and of and of among attributes absence scientific on omissions of in inaccuracies affected embraced examples injustice long example contemporary of and of in own of in of and of influence geographical operation and of as a geographer of embodiment of in of endeavor and old information of alleged introduction of into by in of invention of opportunities introduction in age following explanations adopted and eclectic of on and of on after a desert of and in envoys a city of envoys and of arrived at of asked all about of and about of as envoys arts indifference the princes a tablet of orders in of and of and of age how again on and of oil out and along and election of and invasion of in and accompanied of and on an embassy of addition of employment and asked of on a change sovereign and of and own of among in of and it of application of oil of and iron and of or ending in of and in of and of and it or island of and other animal expedition of all in of one-eyed of one-eyed of at of and of on of account of own and in embellishments of eight of and are named eight export of and of and of or of and its also touching of oxen and of old and of and one rudder as at of and of and of and are made there production of a certain eight of or old of assassins or old used assassins old end of apparent of its of and of and of in of and of also the province mines of ethnological old and of and azure mines of amplitude feminine the province the country intended of importance history of in as of animals of and of upper and of at altitudes of in of a province called adoration of or of and of and as of on acclivities of encountered of avoiding out its of intended asbestos elements and of asbestos of explanatory of ass of and of and of against of and arrows and of and of after and of origin of errors of and of old idols of arms of or and of administering of among of on and of and of and of and of and azure the terms and of and of and uses of annual ascription of ascribed extent of ascetics of and of eulogies of age wars and against addition of explanatory of avoided in of or of umbrellas of eyes examination in intended other of arsenals of account of in extent of its aspect addition a guard of are called of at order of etiquettes at every on of on of elephants at adoration of emperor on a-piece textual and enjoin of and or eagle concerning of and emperor on a hunting expedition of establishments and ermine how on expedition a great and entertainment of and its and of oppressions of and against administration of against as and upright in annals against of into something over all are set over all affairs of and are sped and extraordinary of antiquity of in emperor on are with or and avenues of are dug in and are burnt and of in of in of emperor influence charities astrologers in of almanacs observatory and of as and exceptions of irreligion against of interior of and of or account of at of and of effeminacy in every and of in and or of or of is of and about into concerning of or of and events of its of eccentric illustrated of animal explanatory and oxen of explanation of inland exchange salt of or and or and in a further of and arms of and of and indolence the couvade gold of ancestor unhealthiness of or extraordinary identity of in is of and against or of also numbers alleged on elephants of and against of account of action of and of and are therein one gold and other of account of invasion of annals intended oxen of and of account illustrated of a part of etymologies of identification of identifications of ascribed of and of and of and of intended of and of and its entrance to that of and application of operation of exposure foundling of and of and employment at of and its effected on engines of ages of account of and amount of on of island of and island of and of employment of in of its erroneous of and earth ancient incised of and of is of ascribed or of establishments and estuary of in inmates of on in estuary of a good of ignores use pepper a character on emperor extracts other and of as of and others identification of ascribed on of in and introduction of into concerning of applied or objections identity of and of and of or objections identity origin of artists in of and of in of upon and oars used of other of island of and of a host against it or abundance gold of expedition against attempts against of expedition of invulnerability of idols and or of and it eagle-wood and ebony use words island of its extent expedition against it and isles of and are spoken of and of island and of on island of and island of application of or elephant and of and of and alleged of eating of and on island of and islands island of islands island of exaggeration of and of and of idolatry and of and a version estimate character of and endowments of it is of is and is on its and on its of use the rosary in amok accumulated of at importation of ox ill-success of in of arrest omens of apostle the miracles earth of in ancient at ancient on of and of or and unlucky and of omens ox-emblem of eccentricities of its identified or of ancient on and other indigo black of and of anchors of embroidered of and incense western of and of islands and are so called and its island of and its at island of or on assigned island of a word on in ivory error about elephant-taming of islands assigned and of is and is on or application of it ascribed idea the position of elephant of invasion of and of in of and its of on of on of and of and in or island of against armies of in events of exploits of explained on in against of events after and assume the sovereignty as of out against about attacking of answered address of and of at order of as and in accession and after and of after of alleged animal of and of and its of old accounts of and or of and of or errors in extent of empire the war arose between and of and army advanced addressed of and of and after in of and of against and address and of and of end of and of as of in of as are known of and editions of editions of editions of and of and of abbreviated in of and occurring in of at in of a

II. Report of the Special Committee on Preferences

annex and of act of observations on achieve greater of agreement on and expansion of in and including and of interest of aid improving of internal improving and of aid alleviating of external indebtedness issues and of increasing of on its

recalls in its at its unanimous agreement in of early mutually generalized recalls agreement objectives of in of including in of among increase to rates of welcomes in of an important in efforts and endeavors in order into the fulfillment of aims and objectives of and in welcomes of as and in a positive contribution in of objectives of notes expectations of as expressed in of notes observations and on of in and in on its and also that of and into the revised notes also the given on and as into the least among considers efforts improvements in a dynamic in of objectives of recognizes arrangements are mutually represent a which and intensive consultations and in of and its notes of as or other aim of implementing arrangements as early possible recommends and at its adopts of on its of approves arrangements in and a decision on appropriate referred in notes is agreement objective that in all as outset attainment of objective relation of as a with a view implementation of assist in agreement of existing advantages in as of expect access in other opportunities as a the periodic in and of or advantages extent advantages overall of proposed of example measures as of over advantages in application as in of and in or entirely partly some the deemed and on only taking account in as of aims of and interests of and in interests of among preference giving offer opportunities appropriate consultations in a substantial interest in use measures are not undertake to through of all a minimum of on action aim of or eliminating as preference giving a which on of also to measures are not an envisage measures are the main at noted of on and of as in of as in on of in on of a were made this of on of and implementing and as improving of among is it is important extent of in of in preference giving as on a by the generalized of interest among and as appropriate greater on preference giving and on only due has in as of interests of among review of attention effects of on of and of and in other objectives of investigate consult on in of as in recommends and it each of into the generalized of attention in of or of among in mentioned other additional a view and among additional of efforts in identification of opens up or improved assistance to the such appropriate invites and attention of other appropriate to the taking of include for establishment and of included in of as assistance for review end of in of objectives of agreed of achievement of objectives of on of in ensure for of ensure preference giving and of establish and of and it is agreed assured and as appropriate through arrangements as in of recognized it is of as uniform as and as administer as on of at a formulated on a regard any criterion arrive this at view of importance which attaches into force the generalized as it apply the which are different in efforts achieve far as at a later view of in up on as a form of and agreed and undertaking as and use different of at initial conclude soon as of all of a view agreeing on as in of as at include the different used in of among applying in and of and of in also possible specific of among any to facilitate the generalized including agreed on of and appropriate the should invited and on integrated on of applied of agrees appropriate within implementation of and in appropriate should of effects of on and of including among and in of including and of effects of on of as on of and of among and in of as in effects on of existing advantages of as a the generalized of in order adversely review efforts utilize fully possible the from advantages of other of a view attainment of objectives of appropriately be carried out of an and of a review assess of and of improvement of and of its a comprehensive review end of initial of in of objectives of provide for or and on as initially the subsequent opportunity for and improvements in and of and a view early measures as in aimed attainment of objectives of considers also consultations of an on of arranged in agreement interested and assistance when of recognizes intends invoke to most a view obtaining in or in accordance with and intend as note the made by the preference giving of accorded each are temporary does a binding and in it in any way subsequent in or in or of on a most or is upon or in of existing in

III. Topical Index of Responsive Readings

is us is us are us is us is are is us is are us are is us are us is us is us is us are us is us are is us is us are us is us is us is are is us is are is us is us is are us is us is are us are is us is are is us is are is are is us is are is are us is us is us is us is are is us is are is are is us is

the soul and earth abroad excellent is in all of and in and is eyes and ears and are questions of all of and a great is a house for ingathering of all of and of a parable put all of and of eyes and ears and any feeling is of if one man in are the ways of a man anger excellent is eyes and ears and in is of is of all of are these how amiable tabernacles of in ice soon all of and in of are like walled among a man are bound are not one how is a great end in instruction in all of and of in ice this in are like walled as after of every place breath among indicate new of all of and is animal eyes and ears and of a learned of and a great and of every place certain is universally minded of a man all of and of is eyes and ears and a man of a learned is all of and is and are tired is of is a new in is and as after among ancient as is of arts of in among in all of and out of afoot and open of all upon of in of any feeling a presence the stars in of eternal is of it of up eyes is and is and are questions are tired if as after amiable tabernacles all of and an accounting of in of a man a man are not if one man in enemy let a man anger a man afoot and open one nation of a great indicate new of is a house for ingathering of in of afoot and open announce natural arise great is of a deathless it is of is animal and alone true religion of is of all of every that eternal is of and is it of and among over all are brothers in and earth abroad and a certain a parable put in of is every man if one man in as after of every place the more than any feeling is of is and a new earth all of and an accounting of in of a man of a learned are these bright earth is and awaken an accounting of is of a deathless of is of an accounting of in of are tired and enemy for of every place made nation all of and an accounting of out of in and all and is it of eyes and ears and if one man in is universally minded until a man and enemy call is upon and alone true religion all are brothers ancient as is all of and in a presence the stars in of all eternal is of is are bound is of announce natural arise have set over is in a man a virtuous one but a bond of is and of in of is all of and are not a virtuous a great a new upon announce natural arise works of and earth abroad in of excellent is of is eyes and ears and of is if one man in are the ways of a deathless enemy how upon of one would in of eyes and ears and are tired one natural arise pity more than any feeling of are these the home the temple the home the temple let in is afoot and open is one mind all are like walled if of are not ear of is a house for ingathering of end in instruction of is of all is are like walled of every place call is a valorous and afoot and open of all are brothers and is animal is a valorous and over is a house for ingathering of all of and earth abroad in of out of in of in afoot and open is if one man in is universally minded until a man are the ways of a man of a deathless enemy must awaken a man anger over is are tired if one man in utterly humble the moral of a man and a man anger is a new in and is and upon and a new earth is off one nation open all of and a presence be humble the breath of a deathless one would an accounting of in all of and of in of is utterly humble breath among all and at all are bound any feeling afoot and open announce natural arise comfort is in ear a man anger and exercise cherish is a valorous and a new of all of and of in ice soon is animal are questions are tired if is universally minded are the ways of is if one refuge strength and is it of is animal upon is off over it is one nation open of one would in and is animal out of every that over one natural arise

IV. Official Comment

of or of or of and of or of at and of or in and in of in or of or and of or of in or and in or of or of and of and of or of and of or of or and or on of on of in of on and or and of on and or of in of on of on of or of in of on of on of in on and of as of or of in or in of on of on of in or of in or in of or in of or in and or of or of or of or on of and of in and of and of and of and of

to simplify and expansion of usage the parties uniform among in include the plural and in include the singular of include the feminine the neuter and indicates of any actual of it or a notice notification of it or all and at in it exists it attention or it is at of or at any other out as of in a binding extend or extension of immediately available credit or upon and or a charge-back is in event of in or as or in or of a pre-existing or accepting a pre-existing or in any a simple contract a person or in of a merchant in and observance reasonable commercial of in of a person or if are to be specially and are not others in ordinary of and of is and under indicate that are for either a substantial of or if against enforcement is admits in or otherwise court a contract is enforceable this of admitted or and accepted or and accepted of or usage trade by of and evidence consistent additional unless intended also complete statement of agreement an offer a contract as inviting acceptance manner and any in an order or other offer or as inviting acceptance by a prompt or of or a shipment of an acceptance the seller is offered only as an accommodation offer expressly acceptance to the terms of offer alter it or of objection already or is a reasonable time notice them is as or is agreed and agree the price to be fixed in of agreed or other as or a third or agency and it is or of is of or if in a contract of identified of at of are some place that is and of is at and at is even of is of and if is authorized under and of inspect after arrival is unless inspection is inconsistent of and if is authorized and of otherwise than is at and at is of are to be received and is or authorized on of invoice delaying its of is excused any in own and also proceed in any or after a material of own or as a breach or accept and its and any interest or other or encumbrance which at of any affirmation of or and of an express affirmation or any of is of an express any or is of an express of or objection in under and in of are fair average quality and are fit ordinary are run agreement of even and each unit and among all units involved and are contained and as agreement and or affirmations of on or if any unless indicate warranties are by expressions as is all or other in understanding attention exclusion of and is implied and entering into the contract examined or as or examine the goods is implied an examination ought in and an implied also be modified of or of or usage trade technical an inconsistent or of a sample from an existing inconsistent of express inconsistent implied other an implied of a particular is of at in and expense risk of into the possession of or is of at own expense risk and of in under either or is also vessel or other in addition at own expense risk on if is and in an appropriate case the seller of on of at own expense risk alongside the vessel in usual in or on a dock and obtain and a receipt in exchange for is under a duty issue bill of into the possession of a carrier at and obtain a negotiable bill or of entire transportation and obtain a receipt in of or and obtain a policy or of insurance war insurance kind and on at of in usual amount in of and of order of or account of it add amount of any and an invoice the goods and any other effect or and all in and any indorsement all arising out of and a direction under a duty and of until or are properly unloaded and if arrive by any on arrival assumes arrive he has and of are part or as or arrive the contract as if identified a sale the goods are delivered use sale return if are delivered an applicable law a consigner's interest or evidenced a sign or establishes is engaged in of others or of although are to the contract of and until acceptance the goods of is acceptance but of election is acceptance the goods acceptance part is acceptance the whole due notification of election is at and expense but a merchant any instructions option extends or any unit of in original exercised and if or authorizes at and of if at on if is a document of at and or if are the time contracting already identified and are to be delivered at and of under of or identification or is in of in of or as a pre-existing or and is under any of are situated apart a fraudulent or as identity of or in exchange for a check is or it agreed a cash or as under is if it is of already existing and identified if is of other in are shipped or otherwise designated as are planted or otherwise become growing or are conceived if is of unborn after or of or after is at a reasonable hour and if it is of available for enable the buyer unless otherwise the buyer of either a negotiable document of or acknowledgement of a non-negotiable document of or of a written is unless objects and of as against and all of and of any of or obey on until a reasonable time to present or and a refusal or obey all in except as in of in a set and is and of a draft accompanying or in of a carrier and a contract as of and other of and obtain and or in any enable the buyer obtain of or otherwise required agreement or usage trade promptly of a negotiable bill of own order or otherwise reserves in a security interest in of order of a financing agency or of indicates in addition only expectation of interest a non-negotiable bill of or of as except in a case conditional a non-negotiable bill of as interest even of if it at a particular of are duly even is under if it at a particular and are there duly in of are there duly as enable the buyer on of a negotiable document of or on acknowledgement of or after of a non-negotiable document of or other as in of appears inspection or of injunction against under of or on other or against of except is only after are to become for inspection either on other and of ascertaining and evidence has inspect and including of as in or of other and agree to third inspection or of and agree that upon in any or adjustment or accept or accept any unit or units and after any exercise by any unit is as against and if of in a security interest under of is under a duty after at a time sufficient obligations if it or after a request in a full and of all on after a reasonable to the goods are conforming or in of or an effective rejection acceptance does occur until a reasonable to inspect or any act inconsistent ownership if act is as against it is an acceptance ratified a reasonable time he discovers or any of or any and if is one for infringement or and is as a result of a breach a reasonable time he receives of or any over established of if in and if in any action against any of unless after of in and is if is one for infringement or original in over of including or else be barred any over and if also to bear all expense to satisfy any adverse judgment unless after of over is on assumption its and it or of if acceptance was induced either of acceptance by assurances a commercially await or any even await and urged and in either own or in accordance with of on identify or unfinished in or in or in a seller and is a breach of under a contract if as agreed impracticable by occurrence contingency of a basic assumption on or in any applicable foreign or order or it invalid in affect only a part of allocate production and among at option include regular under as own allocate manner is and or and allocation is under of estimated available for and any unexecuted of or agreeing available quota substitution of any as under unidentified and as or in a proper identify already identified if at of are his or as of intended even are receipt of or acknowledgement any of except a carrier or acknowledgement a carrier or as or of any of as enable the bailee by of after and according of is any ensuing or if a negotiable document of issued is obliged obey a notification until of a carrier issued a non-negotiable bill of is obliged obey a notification a person other only identified except is a recognized a public of in of and it at a place market if one reasonably available the case goods are perishable threaten in of and of and if are not of attending of are located and inspection and of accepted or of or a commercially after of and of identified if is unable reasonable to resell at a reasonable price the circumstances indicate that effort unavailing and under as all affected or identified or as in if identified as in or in a proper obtain or as in any or and of at of and or otherwise to person or any of amount is entitled of in accordance with or in absence such of is obligated under or is a right under of other and amount or of any or indirectly of agreement in addition or in and or alter of under as of and of or and of or and a remedy as is optional unless is expressly agreed exclusive which it is a right of action against is in either or a security interest or a special or an insurable the goods and if or a right of action is also the party either of under or injury assumed as against other if at of injury of as against other and is arrangement of or is own interest as a fiduciary other either of other of it

V. Corrigenda and Consideranda

add is are course comma not after uses always in its archaic amatory of is or is about argyle which of on is inconsistent and uncertain of ale-house chamber-pot a fool a fool only as of is or is on or entry omitted an answer or as a rebuke for impertinent in inquiring is in a box or any other a layover or a kind of in a pan one the crust over other in elbow is in omitted away also to voraciously it of in of use differs of as uses either or in and individually and either as at inconsistency either often or undoubtedly eighteenth

VI. Restatement of the Second Pamphlet

other act and of acts other of acts and of intention of action of event of intention opinions and agreement of assent agreement offer and implied agreed under of avoidance to which are not of effect of effect of avoidance by or other assent interpretation and agreement in intent agreement and assent of assent of assent offers of offers acceptance for offers of option effect of option interpretation of exchange contrary intention and of offer offers invited in acceptance not of or offer acceptance by only of in of other indefinite performance for of or as acceptance contrary of or acceptance for acceptance by act offers or of offers after acceptance by only of intention of offers acceptance by option of or of or of option of acceptance by acceptance by of invitation of acceptance by or is operating as is of offers of acceptance to performance contrary intention or in of intention or in of acceptance to by is acceptance to consideration of and of or of exchange to promise performance promises alternative promises alternatives on implied on and exchange consideration of or as of or of and effect of and of or and exchange which after of and as under of and of offers and of other of and other and acceptance to not of effect of in of acceptance promises assent or of in of exceptions or application of other affecting application of as in of in of effect of in and of and action other of on other of and of and of exceptions other avoidance to by or of an effect of other after of interpretation and as assumption effect on agreed exchange to by agreement other is of and of as or as assumption as of and of effect of and other and of and opinion of implication of opinion or as opinion of intention as of intention and other alternative by or of other or of other effect on of agreement of other effects of is other action of or of other of agreed exchange to promise by or of in agreements or other exceptions of or in on of intention and operation of interpretation of and of and other occurs interpretation and effect of in or in and of integration of integrated agreement of integration of integration of assent of and of intention of integrated agreement effect of integration integrated agreement and integrated agreement interpretation other interpretation and other of and effect of other interpretation of agreed and agreed and effect of on intention other of other of event of event of occurrence by agreement of event or of event or of other on in of occurrence not and other as other of under agreement in of effect of and effect of affected effect of offer an offer assumption of effect of agreed of or effect of agreement and exchanged in an of an exchange for of act of other of and of avoiding of after or after exceptions effect of effects of application of intent on of application in assent application of other

(Editor's Note: Part I has previously appeared, in issue #31 of Otoliths.)

J. Crouse lives in New York City. He is a member of Remote Choir on Specific Recordings.
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