Steve Dalachinsky / Jim Leftwich

Paris (& London) / Roanoke

free time

free time what an idea
at 12:51 p.m. Virginia
time a Thursday in
early spring
12:11 am paris time
    nearly the same times > tho 
         am/pm meet only twice per day      
                        dark & light continually 
9:36 p.m. east coast time / the
         same is never the same for
     as long as it seems to some
                   10:33 am paris time
        what hemisphere is this 
             serious warp in constellated
progress / back to sleep before the
                    chill seeps thru worsening knees
       10:48 a.m. roanoke time
history is written in semaphore / what
           arc of constellations or leap of will
projects our lack in worsted
      needs? / free will in pairs or one at
            a time appears neither early nor
near 4:09 am which in ny time is actually 10:09pm
pooped settee whereas the go/fer so tired merch
        survived the korean bbque & where the money went
               that never gets spent / ispent & serpented
ah the scented nets the scented fevers the scented
     honey / the facts of golf are hairy (maybe furry)
             at 10:45 p.m. in rainy virginia / here paris' 8:28 am
                     no sleep chilly still morning / old friend soon 
            caffeine benet yum soon metro walk sum/sun (f)art
                           coup long surviving boyhood
3:36 a.m. sleep very soon / no calf soup nor
     willing bum along the brainy filter / no 
           spoon mourning
                 the folded beanstalk

P / R


gratin spelled village hoop
    the bridge crossed twice 
          a map of fire/eaters in san michel
                but only where i could see them
yes, i have no gratuitous potatoes
only a map of the loop around the bridge
          the gratin had pom(p) de terre / cunard /
 anchovies / fromage chevre / back ache / chilly winds /
antonette's head / sour knuckle / ankle cramp /
          picon biere & st. denis' hairclippings >
             it grates on my nerves
                  to atone for the
                       piccolo and the air pump
                the chevrolet seat buckle
                    and this detour around
our frilled bank of canards
          the terrine of guillotined spleens
   between the mean line & the beans
          a cassoulet of splayed watermarks
                 antique books & resourced whack-a-dos
                    leave us standing in the Seine
                              stranded in the James
                                        standing in the river
                                   crying underwater
                         weeping in the rain

P / R

back to god  

rain through the roof and
 wind through the attic &
   tornadoes in a circle
     around us
sunset on lamarck
     create bad discussions
            about poésie / films ok
                 the the soup tho good
                     could have been better
those are sardines he said
   with avocado & horseradish
       mustard / not bad for
           a breakfast sandwich
                 at 1:27 in the afternoon
                        indeed the roof caves in
                                 the hunchback weeps \ 
           water fire life 1000 years now gone back to god

P / R

rebuilt tourists

grey phone
  batterrries change life the
       plat d'jour 2 left
         ONGLET angled
              ange d' rêve et nuage
                 nakedly on/to
were removed not completed and
   continued after ordinary fading
         aisles of the helix in accord
     with lost coils larger than the
ancient gods / notre dame a haven for trapped
               tourists / ugly / beauty
guarded by the law or a crowd of 1000's to catch
          a burnt out hommage to le otre
                no more than three years from
          the thirteenth century through
two world wars and into their
          rebuilt windows with two-thirds
                of the roof in doubt
        now his new film about ethnology
            & the sky falling as well tho no one sees it
                    another black hole & she melting into
               morning even though 
                      the economy is 
                    a hoax and we can 
                              begin our idea of 
                        perpetual war on any 
               date that pleases us
                  except the date past due.  

P / R

hear say whatchamean

units discarded change the course
of floors apart from coasts in the
larger electricity
         goofs old friends eclectic ego/vamps
              the codeine & cream mountains
                     remain forever embers
i remember spoofs of gold at the
         ends of lectures long ago
               chaplin eating the souls of his
shoes                     in no rush to get some
             where /  isou a know-more-it all 
reading the code of the seine &
         dreaming fountains of mercurial alpha/
bets When alla sudden this crazy scribble pops up like              
                   a letteral brain
bearing the fiery ghost of "our lady"
       into the new new world
              of old dreams.
P / R

beyond the plague

beyond crazy chink in (h)armour
         dopple engagement
                  the swarm gets more confusing
                           as fears in/crease
the haymarket blinking a maze beyond
     the gauge of doodles 
         fused with moral warmth
             and a lease on our wrinkled ears
                    stinking of wealth by the railroad tracks
                        squatters on the poor man's 
                             gentrifiers tone the dope
                                 it's white that truly is the plague

P / R

gross smuggled nostalgia

nostalgia mingles in the ashes of
the burning pharmacy with knots
     smuggled from images of a
     rootless history of chicken hummers
         in cities where midnight reads 0:00
               & projections of lily livered lollies
commence hammering a wicker
         mantra in praise of folly and fusion
   with the atomic clock reading two
      minutes to midnight
         flopped at brunch special on 
               easter sunday
                 all the museums have a
special on gross propaganda shirts
or a chopped-up lunch poem like
           difference exercise bee
   Virginia something exercise
       everybo be lying were you
               cle hated did different Ha
wa allo perfe one f once before then some.

P / R

chawed second rice to price
moon fest la gare
     noir serious rice theft
         price classic fondue
            fondling da jewelry 
folding the lice nor loon 
   nest in waft & weft 
       of serial hors
             de guerre
                     hours before
          the wash & wear proved

P / R

as rare & safe as our initial oysters

la conditione humaine they
used to call it / a window
onto our initial conditions
wind breakers on benders
  the lion share of gab
     though one knows much
                  one is out of touch ...
         air conditioners are
blenders / wine beakers are
     as rare as snow
         oysters melt on the tongue
               no one is safe within the art
world > no tally can be tolled

P / R

the knife-dust blues
peering into the book/knife
    serious dust on shoe/hoos
          where twas canal flip/out
               sensation of bree/ginning (s)
brief & briefly thinning
                     breathing in
                     the knife-dust

P / R

the origami grubbs 

saw ourselves focused and complicit
in aesthetics and appliances / saw
ourselves factual and pulsing in the
transient nightlight thru the train
windows the lines of tracks
      the stories of ascent & de(s)cent
               made no senses / saw 
them forecast and illicit in ethics and
applesauce / fractal and pleasingly
transcendent / made them up / seen
               through scented lenses
sensing no goodnik pictos 
      graphing the routes that lead
sessop the origami grubbs / their
     knobby bears / their gamete 
   sessions / their weary bread & 
         snouts / their pictograph 
sputnik sensors / no good will come
             of it tho coming is sometimes better
    than going when going has come to a halt
                 we wait & gather our rose buds in
          though there are few left on the bush
what were we thinking & why
               were we thinking it and how
       did the brain feel
           thinking thinking
was the only way in....  

P / R

gourmandes & salamanders

freed here at 251 am
      cold as well & flimsy/oop
          tagine pruneaux makes me fart
                  but what a gas / price lambchop
                            treat frithenmized by cowpokers
                   sky loops & knee jam
                           prune wine
                     folded tangerine butter
                  meat art
                         clams hopping
                                cowering jokers
                                   water/melon crepes
     salade gourmandes / days of cloud & sun
                    where 19 year old boys are
           tortured for not bowing down
we are salamanders
       singing in their fires          
                         lost commanders 
                 lunatics & liars
                     ravaged commune strikers
                                      & mute town criers 

P / R

Rembrandt beans & carrion

ping pong spray & sway poker poker
           Unrecognized serial 
     pits ping pong slip      
         bailing out the snooker pie
                       red ball in the chipped eye
                               before cats 
turned on dim selves
                  the shelf-life of a pork-pie hat
       is longer than anyone could
             have reasonably imagined
                 posting no bills where dalston lane
                               meets the periphery of legend street
the gerunds are made 
           of porphyry dashed on 
                     their own upholstery
                        up holsters ready to carry
                           fired arms into the protracted 
                             permanent waste
                         for tact read carrion for
                    arms read tired
               for perforated haste
          read micromanagement
     and pinto 
beans where
              rembrandt shot his paper
load & post/cards coked japan.

L / R

bygone verlaine elevators

crapped plond
 exploit the goners 
      he responsible for changes 
             relives the line of ancestors
snapped like Detroit restive
& pondering the lonely
      syllables / like the linear
             clang of asbestos
                         big clang & the
daily mail crash thru slot like bygone bubbles
              shepherd's pie becoming scarcer  
"they wandered away from the
         island"    "of course, but there never
     was an island"    mainly sail bash through
             plots & bystanding rudders / leopards 
       dying from scars or cancer
                 in the alms house where verlaine &
rimbaud fucked or there where dylan thomas lived
        or there where the jews are still hated 
             or there where music's mural shines
                   like 20 violins played by 
      a beautiful woman
it gets three and a half degrees colder
      with every one thousand foot increase
         in elevation & the elevator got stuck
                    on the 5th flaw....

L / R

lucid catchwords

lucid furor bastion at raccoon volume
   in the coin-lock semantics we have
     traduced our roaming mercury
          opening school farts mercy beats
old & dead henri 
fat poet sang his hearth 
          take care of driver's license,
     registration / insurance / banking,
   voting / one gallon of water weighs
eight pounds /  walking up a wrong-way street /
freud's house / 
psychorealism / low batteries /  ex /-communi >
       cation / lanced kidney
                    the foot
drenched samosa / overground
       rock startle poem hack nerve boy
           blanched smattering
               of grouse 
                   & feuding streaks
                       english folk
      mean terminate the goose/ling/o
                 whilst still a catchword

L / R

until the feast is complete 

here the money becomes a tangle of torment
the fervor not in one's favor / things fly 
then crash / cash responds to bereavement  
    trash strewn everywhere disguised as human
         here in a thin rash of feverish dawns
                     combing our knots and weaving
               our fingers in the rye we weave loaves of
bread then stall between the cabbage & lentils until
             the feast is complete

L / R

confluence of the birds

a fine sky for grey rainwater
         accumulating like ground
   meat in the lowlands of my
      own private mindfield
the perfect day in a perfectly imper-
fect whirl then something goes missing
          as the weather warms
             and the bumblebees
swarm and the feathered snakes
       go on hissing their defects
& my leg breaks out in hives
                & the jungian shrink
       shrink wraps my heart
          & mails it to albert hall
it's a small price to pay for
           all the traps in what ails
     our part of the brink
              as with temptation
         & wordless graphic novels

L / R

sparkling egret coffee breaks

sparkling pond van go
tanning salon
secret busing
crazy hand flaying
lady scream
a shame the fish &
chips killed  con-
science going
beyond the parking
lawn where fusion
secretes a ladle
of nameless ships
sleepless flips
coffee breaks and
menemen the odds against
       redaction very slim
spanking our tandem
     egrets lazily
       into the sunrise

L / R

April-May 2019

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