Daniel f. Bradley

Let's Chat About Vampires#1

When talking about telling her side of the story certain assumptions must be addressed. That he was a quintessential New Yorker among artists and writers on the “shaggy and rustic” West Coast while hella maintaining a certain Atlantic savoir faire. Poets “broadcasting” poems written for specific visions in brilliant sharp focus as we open the gates to the carnival of our minds and in perpetuity reaching for the sun. Rival gang members put aside violent past to get baptized together in Texas prison.

George Clooney has no time for questions#2

convincing deepfake has huge misuse potential
algorithm stacks of manuscript pages at the end of a
deadline driven and positive it will instill focus miss
the weekly deadline and you miss the weekly deadline
with the language of the soft summer dew

I murder woman and children with smallpox. I have no line#2

cenotaph groupies
poems ghost written by
and never send more prose
Lugosi its always send nudes
The fence people with Shemp
They felt sad
stop a traffic line
I give a wrong time
Territorial pissing

Angry Women with Three Names - a magazine of the arts #1

Screen gems your trainer weed while you and I
were listening to the Beatles
he was keeping America safe don't take kindly
to all appliances and systems will die
Why are these horses so bad at their job?
Need a spoon for your crappy paintings
of Dead Business Guys just a four-letter world
and it might as well be smallpox

Storage units near us#1

Wait another day
we mean it man
last chance to enjoy your past
Stroke table working on the
Alpha Core Values over the
Summer eyes of an iron head
Are glowing in the kitchen
The narrator inhabited as a child

They've have been dead
For along time and they
Liked it that way amateur
First time and mom milk

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