John McCluskey

Ice Image Abstractions

John McCluskey writes: "Over the last two years, I have undertaken a project to photograph the variety of color, light and texture that occurs on the frozen surface of Candlewood Lake in Danbury, CT USA over the course of the winter months, each year a separate project (year 1 featured in Fusion Art’s Artist Spotlight Solo Art Exhibition - July 2018). The ice takes on a new life with every shot, often changing subtly or dramatically within seconds, minutes, hours or days, some shots sharply focused, others deliberately softer, evoking an almost pencil-like drawing quality. How obvious perhaps but fascinating nonetheless to discover the ice formations and colors in 2018 were significantly different from these occurring January through March 2019, and even within days or weeks during the same year, though the locale is the same."

2018 images: https://fusionartps.com/john-mccluskey-artist-spotlight-solo-art-exhibition-july-2018/

John McCluskey Photography.
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