Sheila E. Murphy & Douglas Barbour

Continuations CXVIII:

radial rendition   a newish
                black holed up
     hold up after moth
                balled    or bailed
out    of hack   into
                what vast virtual archive

other than wishing
                render unto moths
   what light arrives
                in bales                 blond
      wheat                under the driven
                fact of heat

burn   heart turned
                some other way
    beyond comprehension
as any soul or sole adventurer
    might seek    far or
                forgot to mean

meander to the mean
                behind the sole convergence
                                post venture
  while solaria draw in
                light fare                 shared in form 
     of under &n bsp    statement

star meant   light shade
                whiter shadowed face
     saved    filed under
                lostsong    a state
                     meant for mal
                                icing on the cakewalk

clockwork ordains pallor
                far from windows                shallow
                                light to read by
     fingering a text drawn
                freehandily        quiet
                                at face value

with drawn quarter moon
     signs    the turn of
                who screwed whom
ever    more in sorrow than
     in escrow    birds of a tether
                locked in    or out

opinions mutually rankle
                holders of                 friction
                turned fundament sadness
    inside                 birds shrill through
                windows                though
                                doubled paned

doubled pan    out or
                in belief   a trans
     parent   patent  med
                ium    tedium
                     trill repeat
                                until (over) done

a rill dries
                in relief                minerals
                                panned yield
   light rent      its own
                te deum 
                                trills belied by ease

hearts rue   bloody
    boulevard of schemes
                bigger easy  gospel
horned    honked all the way
    to the tallest iron gate
                way ward as ninepins

varietals seize the eye
                by wayside after home
                                belies a nine
   iron start kit                                 lug nuts
from yonder 
                squealing                brakes

all ways too late   no latte
                latitude for this creamed
     careering slide into fist
                flattened   flick
of arrest   wrestled to
                the burning ground

lids of lattes careen
                toward laterally pass√©
                                burn unit y
   the flat side of the planet
                falls      to cream round
                 after rendering

surrendering to sybaritic
     apocalypse   full cup
                surface tension
a picture perfect rep
     resent    full disclosure
                s lip   or re slope

lips that brush cups
                on a scale of this picture
through actual stats      may
                elope on one side
   of perfection                 dis
                closing the gap

the mind a zing of sing
     sing harmony as
                always disturbed
dis urbed   a village ruined
     raises nothing   but razed
                hopes   children fall

lolling among the turbulence
                raises probationary
prompts                 village
                children step up
to plates with disarming 
                singsong insularity

eat what they receive   no
     child left behind an island
                escape    impossible
image jail break a sound
     of trumped up
                charges    (into what breach

there in the nearby office
                breaks in sequence
    speak to posses on the island
of a recent kismet
  rice tossed to the well
                groomed pair of cake top figurines
so blended    or blinded
                by the flight   a flicker
     of recognition    that thought
                begins again    too late
    to lament     the moment
                airy nothings sound

lambent surface of an atmosphere
                the skin knows
                                as if championing
   a new cognition
                can softness ignite any
                                thing this slight

alight upon a surface
                tension   trends shunned
    while the sectors section
                off    compass
     compassion negated
                bank bailout    sans parachute

face first into the pool
                pass go                 paraprophetic
   nocturnes leave tension
                                shunted for the nonce
    vectors coexist with                  clear 
directions to the sectors

generalized movie tone
                deaf to the extras
     ordinary lift of hope
                less insurance    taxes
                     other added fees
                                a future feature brings

phonetic texts hopped up
                thought hoped in sure footed
                                t extract                 taxing
                     prior fealty                 to a way
                                of liftoff    just a tad
           off message     addling

whose minds     inquisitive
     minders want to know
                lodge complaints
but to what    or whom
     the new personages
                chartered to buy the answer

ages pass  and lodgers
                exquisite in violet 
 and pressure blue         mend
                charts with song 
   and stipules                   home 
                at last

home at least    backed
                the same way
     ward loan shops
                stored blown slips
in lock step lack sleep
                non-union marching order(s)

cat splayed across side
                walk       side    ways
    steps stones under 
                                branches shielding
        white        gray fur
                                from   unison motion

union notion noticed   un
                done   ill
                                buy my self a loan
cakewalk through the tune
                smithies burning over
                                time   to go (down

 elves walk closer to the cake
                each time around                a round
                                sung      yearning 
      and the runes spell rough
                                waters                 one more
                thing to burn

a language made up
                or out    word as
                                sentence   to
sing  sing     sing     play
                hard    play loose
                                be heard for years

order in the court                tense prelude
                singular                 lay of the landing
                                ardent need lays low
                                                until the till 
        meets veering 
                                set minds released from ways

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