Tim Wright



in a film canister  eventually      a river system   was hatched                and went away

                                          rain credits  placed it over

           hurl rollerdoor        flower-pits      could hear knocking

long-term echelon  . . blurred year           carnarvon   

  bananas cardboard boxes             parts the plastic curtain

                  eucla rolled cleanly past  fugacious distance - -

so i splurge         running back to jump the creek                a square of talc

                        blueish  solved   factitious breeze    “guess” “what” acreage

              sunken games rooms  and sandy levels’                           deremembering wreath

                                                                                                                         phone aloft


  they   undersong

                               drinking out in front

              (a) salve

                whereupon                       (the ) high distant   hasn’t happened yet   happens

auriferous marbled traffic’s old amalgamated flume

      iterated  ab ovo chagrin                                              cuff of sky 
  inkless  chambers of water          mental rodentia                sediment saturnine

 dull  phlegmatic

  a hard, magnetic pillow                                        corrugated dunes

   revealed another 


                                       half-finished  hole-in-the-wall’s bulky remains

                                                             buried  porthole windows

                         bumping into          Sprechstimme      depleted-seeming 
                              ‘lager-ey’      sentiment

                                        personae   narrate

                     fleck or comma    cairns against    

                                    rainflesh       marbled 

                         across  some ‘yahoo’ dramatis          more persons      

                             congratulation-pit             grumbling     haven’t checked

                                     cold water   was poured   like   glacial tabs   a

                                        blast of paranomasia 

                                                founders                    ugh                          

Tim Wright, reader, scribbler, living in Melbourne.
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