John M. Bennett

knot locus

...horizonte turns on itself snake recit
ation ojimitote ojijote ojititote tri partite
residues a great crashing and burning looms
“:::::sounds rocks make to themselves...”

hielo letrado


wwo rrds disiin tegraate
(“headcheese in the sun”)
yr leg choked
syllables intelligible to statues


in the mirror pirámide
frozeface in a dream
no talking no talking
seeds dust flag
gut reflected in dawn

duh hhud

~duck and wind~

With damp rags from
Iván Argüelles' “diario clix”

rat corner entered

rat corner entered house up
mash iik sauce face drained mother
water eat deception did ball behind
jug gasps clawed watch hide path
grand gun mother stomp game
messengers path pursued Xib'alb'a
day heart told them arrival of
weeping itched louse therefore liked
road belly fast toad snake message
swallowed food ahead its rim falcon
hawk cries pellet eye gun grabs surely
eye surface sliced rubber vomit sight
belly drool merely would it then
said deceiver rear squashed backside
pried loose salivates teeth in toad his
mouth defeat speaks message leathers
boys arrived advisors merely throw
he up bones nothing feet his mouth

De-reading the Popol Vuh - 15

sprout death word

sprout death word center advised
ear sign dry weep up its planted
ground guns river pus birds passed
crossroads insect mosquito seated
black effigy therefore spoke again not
seated ouch ¡aji! one scab bitten blood
jaundice demon skull staff teeth names
all hairs revealed death morning dark
bench house its burning torch cigar
lips fireflies birth appearance rubber
boys thrown dagger clashed merely
blade dropped bowl blooms the
heart flesh gets lowered ants
garden sleep stealer throng mouth
cuts wings dawned good then
ants defeated split faces pallid
mouths ball gaping home hail dawn
cold deed they hither ruined day
finished day thick dissipates

De-reading the Popol Vuh - 16

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