Michael Brandonisio

American DNA Dark Side

Classique Conservatifs

Isn’t it queer
pro-life Stormtroopers and chums
true patriots no need to despair
it’s time for the postmodern goosestep
read them the riot act
read them the tea leaves
stuff those reforms where the sun don’t shine
cut off their lifelines with the sharpest knives
it’s a freak show out there
relax, kick back
gimme more of that good ol’ time religion
gimme more of that triumph of the will muzak
rest assured all will return as it was
as it always was
as it always will be

the more things change
(two steps forward three steps back)
the more things remain the same
the more blowhards gaze into crystal balls
the more demagogues get zillion dollar paydays

What’s good for the big cheese is good
for the rest of the geese
the future looks bright
for shills of the Right and descendants
in top designer spacesuits
for they will inherit the greenhouse effect
with its sacred monsters reborn
every time Tricky Dick replicants
jack off in three-ring circuses

The Swamp Wants What It Wants

Michael Brandonisio has previously appeared on Otoliths.
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