C. Mehrl Bennett

Ask A Cow Poems

Banana chair
It’s a 3-word poem
Ask A Cow

Chair lotus
Left of the banana
Sits in somber silence
Ask A Cow

Oreo trees
Crumble when wet
They are fake
Ask A Cow

Floats on wood
Under the earth
Ask A Cow

Argyle socks
Channel clean bacon
To my wallet
Ask A Cow

Lotus beans
Butter my banana
On the left side
Ask A Cow

The earth
Sits in my ear canal
Waiting for silence
Ask A Cow

The cat
Spat oreos into
An ice blue chair
Ask A Cow

Lotus Spit
Sinks fast
Ask A Cow

Rock chair
Channels spirits
To the moon
Ask A Cow

C. Mehrl Bennett is an artist and lives in Columbus OH with poet spouse, John M. Bennett, whom she met via the mail art network. Her multi-media includes assembly of found objects, collage / drawing / painting, poetry, visual poetry, short songs, performance events, temporary installations, mailart (handmade books, artistamp sheets & rubberstamp carving, flux related ephemera, archiving, network activities), video and audio recordings. She is book designer/ associate editor (with JMB) of publishing imprint Luna Bisonte Prods.
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