Hugh Tribbey


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Heiroglyphic spear
Merges myriads mad
Pendant beards parents
Celebrate polished coarse filter
Sprout full letter sprawls
Voluptuous tug
Stealthy undrape limpsy chickadee
Wisp swags fast ordained
Stings intertinged
Hod quid waxes gross pound
Bathes gross sound


The quaint grain straightened the start.
The offer modifies the comparison.
The pleasure adapts the roll.
The cumbersome view checks the ornament.
The form increases the statuesque sound.
The push synthesizes the pleasant judge.
The structure earns the pleasant rate.


Len g thy sir RRow too OOlls
Regr owth t OO OO lls sto-sto ny
For a theo logy of s worth tor ts
Ggg oner wort HY lllo ttos
Llos gggest www oRT thy ttt or SO
Glow ersers ttt oothy shsh OR ts
Gengen gent LY tootoo THY sssor roWS
Leg leeg leg hhhORN soosoo T stY www OR t ttt o t
St rrr en g th www oo oo LY


The Sunday stipulated the coryphee
Where Sunday hence must baste
For travesty not of his, but license’s,
Gloated well nigh, timorous.

The Sunday stipulated the coryphee
Where Moray just befitted
What dictum, after all, Thou machines
Thou summer sumac

Hugh Tribbey has retired recently as assistant professor of English from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. He lives just outside of Ada with his wife Larna and their adopted Doberman Daisy. He is the author of eight collections of poetry. The most recent collection is Wrinkle and Mechanism.
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