John M. Bennett

only one their children

only one their children killers
circled with yell rush whistling
look enters seated words ascended
open gourds insect smoke seeds legs
eyes swarm face ground chopped
wives legs found hearts hornets
now then goes sun Jaq'awitz top
multiplied seated approach now
names therefore deaths word sick
Ajaw name next instruction song
light word mirror sweep homes
see they when remembrance pond
ered not clear its face unwrapped
none stitches buried burned disappeared
again glory bundle name sons
first ending there across sea said
died named then as sun forgot dead
road across top sea this name

De-reading the Popol Vuh – 3

then tokens house

then tokens house sign canopy
house flute bone food shell
feathers side sea its writings
word within arrived there died
mountains counted settle strong
behind ancient existence enters gift
payment names investigation is
dead residence now all out coming
passed afflictions named citadel
white ground therefore names
great score only as well house
enchantment anger one hearts
anger was disturbance still not as
left hearts fire facing great shield
war themselves murdered left
their despoiled arrived to receive  
many received clamor entered
behind mask god root desired
blood letting canyon captive name
price drinks then did hither named
abandoned great woman selves

De-reading the Popol Vuh – 4

          - Para Iván Argüelles

fútil fenestrado fangonado
: un túnel es de respiración
atrangantado huey güey que
era y nunca más ñoño
máscaracaca máscalacacara
infinitubo torcido indetestinal
deformnada pluma defortunada
cristal de lhodo a la bhoca levan
tado bombon de finisterra
ay mar ciega olas orines mots muets


blind. smeared letters e l k  k l é  
cross face room wind my b
lack fingered knee f
old s back utter groan 'n f  
ork turns beneath uh window  
shade key where's thought
pocket pokes lint driedout
pens i's x's b's wall of liquid
windows face drowned heaving
door ¿shutopen?                    arm shot past

no sé lo que sé

ay qué nubes fosforecentes
la ruta taxidermista de mi
cacarne rumorífica puesta la
tumba que lamo boquilúgubre
twist's the thing yr stark slot
drying ¡qué ubres más urbes!
flotan por el río de sangre y
aceite con teléfonos y ladrillos
es la biblioteca la babositeca
de mi túnel ofídico ¿por qué el
por qué? no hay contestalabio que
me deplique que me hexplique ni
ojo que me pergunte la pregunta la
plegunta que sepa incontestatar
ni in concienti t azar me


stone's wake recasts sky caspa
face invasive foot yr fistive
toes grasp sunk water leg
dust drinks tocar el cielo sed
imentario hoy culebra a brazada
claws yr skull scalp redressed
skin wore last week light st
reaks flutter behind yr barking
neck guauwow guauwow guauwow
música por la esquina circular
¡Ay mi cama vacía!  )sin nudo sin
boca sin leche hoscura                   (

“phonetic decay”
     - After Iván Argüelles

dry canal weeps headlights
mop table vowel panigato
eye zips side gestation mind
buckled lamp ropes air
flees window rustle in
sea traffic language wires
crowd roof clouds
sleep shapeless water pages
library of dice and sand . . . . .

unbrain debrain urbrain
ni brain inbrain ekbrain
rebrain subrain offbrain


brick ants water
block pants cougher
stick dance wander
thick glance altar

In the center of Jim Leftwich's
Bursting Presents :
:previous algae before
cage spit chairs
able rubber stairwell
daily cosmetology monster
mask ice subjective teeth
topical illusion net divisible
piranhas skeletons shadows
raw hair detachable “Rair
Urth” squalid cigarette
finished letters                      R
labyrinthine sand eye


neck lint lost
crust illumination
soaked felt drips

shirt smoke form
bright buttons
pen leaks loud

dense meat pocket
cockroach sleep
thick pillow heaves


root cliff shadow
mud drink
fought moon door

call sweat seem
lunch drift
present wind mirror

black wall dust
walk knot
say goodbye arm

Much detail about and more work from John M. Bennett can be found here.
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