Sanjeev Sethi


Political strides in a nation’s graph are like fascicles:
some dramatic, some daffy. Circa 2014.

They snatched my spondulicks. I was cheerful: I
was told it was to corner the well-heeled.

Now they have seized my State, quietened me with
legalese. I’m told my leaders are unprincipled.

Whose imprimatur will guarantee those two with ashen
beards in faraway Delhi are as clean as my sky?


In the pecking order of sadness
mine is out of line. It is sedimen-
tary. It buffers the crossings. On
the scent of my dramaturgist’s
fiat bronx cheer is blocked. I
perform to a jam-packed house.
I purchase claddagh for myself
without theatricals. Acceptance
is curative: my elixir vitae.


We’re ill-equipped to understand the uniqueness of
the universe. Its brief in the conclave of overseeing
the blue marble. We penetrate citadels not of our
knowing, we forge kinship sans familiarity. As an
author on the net my work may grab someone with
a phrase, an image or an idea. It may hover in the
memory-vault of those not in my acquaintanceship.




Apophasis is cosmetic in kit of make-up
artistes who whip up enticing conversations.


Belletristic Settings

While releasing a slim volume
camera pans only on panelists.



Amid effusiveness of endearments:
I smile to myself but tune out.
In muteness I miss your daffing.


No Fisheye

Don’t look at teeth, eyes or my gorbellied self,
look for voice, slivers of prévenance: if there is
similitude set aside a moment or move on.



In an empty courtyard
shadows squint at me:
I play along as I do all
the time.



Second-story operators are skilled
to lam out with goodies like politicos
employ sophisticated language to escape
from thorny questions.

Sanjeev Sethi has published over 1200 poems in more than 25 countries. He is the author of three books of poetry. Wrappings in Bespoke is Winner of Full Fat Collection Competition-Deux organised by the Hedgehog Poetry Press UK. This is his fourth volume. It will be released in 2020. He lives in Mumbai, India.
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