Joe Balaz

Black Hole


I have just taken my last breath

and have entered 
our galaxy’s recycling center

into wun black hole
as I turn into cosmic spaghetti  

and fall towards      singularity,


on da way to            singularity.

I’m rewinding myself 
into anadah universe

and da journey has just begun.

How’s dat foa transcending?

So dis is da adah side.  Cool.
“Skyscrapers and everything.”

Now I know wat you mean
about being wun alien Stevie Wonder.

I can see you made it heah too

and you don’t need 
your sunglasses anymoa.

Well, I agree,

dis is definitely “the highest ground”  
I’ve evah seen.

But wheah are dose angels
and streets paved wit gold?

I nevah see wun pearly gate
and no one met me at da door.

It’s so strange heah.

I taught dere would be answers
but dere’s just moa questions.

I taught I would get 
some resolution out of dis

but it’s like wun dream
witout any direction.

Could dis be purgatory
or some on da way station?

Is dis wat you have to go through
to get wheah you’re going? 

If dats da case

it wuzn’t too bad 
wheah I came from.

Maybe it wuzn’t too bad
wheah I wuz.

it wuzn’t too bad at all.

So let me retink dis

as I ponder 
my former earthly existence.

Maybe it’s da need 
to communicate wit all of you

and send you some wisdom 
from da adah side.

It’s wun simple realization 
dat I offer to you.

Don’t take it all foa granted
wit who and wheah you are right now.

Life is wun magnificent cliché         
so live it wen you can each and everyday

foa it will soon fade
like da last sunset you’ll evah see.

Joe Balaz has created works in American English and Hawaiian Islands Pidgin (Hawai'i Creole English).

He presently lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and he is the author of Pidgin Eye.
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