Carla Bertola

Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame in Danger

Fire at Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame Destroyed

Working Towards Reconstruction

The Work in Progress

The Work in Progress, Two

Carla Bertola – Writer, verbo-visual and sound poet, she has taken part in international cultural activities since the 70s. She lives in Torino where she was born in 1935. Her works are in catalogues and anthologies in several countries; she exhibits in group and solo shows. As a sound poetry and ‘Poésie Action’ performer she has taken part in many events in Europe, Canada, Brasil, Cuba, Mexico, Serbia. She has published verbo-visual books in Italy and abroad. Since 1978 she has edited the multimedia international magazine Offerta Speciale and organizes visual poetry and Artist Books exhibits. She has appeared in several Otoliths issues.
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Blogger adolfina de stefani said...

interessante l'interpretazione di Carla Bertola sull'opera architettonica NOTRE DAME. Una visione surrealista dal cromatismo vivace, acceso e conturbante.

6:36 AM  
Blogger Edward Mycue said...

Beautiful work. Major artist. Literary giant. Edward Mycue

2:39 AM  

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