Keith Nunes

House in the hills above it all


On seating of complex plasticated bendings


A freckled floor displaying San Andreas faults

They say the under-where-we-walk heating faltered the day after they took ownership of their sharp-dressed new-build

Dog Dustin was purchased and ensconced on architecturally designed padding

45 plum trees, three akeake and a chicken named Rooster Cogburn were assimilated into the fully integrated landscaping

Each of the three human entities were provided with private sleeping cubicles

After Dustin began spending weekends at Bernie’s and

House prices smashed through the glass-graph-ceiling

The nuclear family parlayed real estate and

Moved west behind gates

Where only domesticated fish are permitted

Fingers caught

Walking in time with pigeon flap
In commune
Traversing this street of all streets

Woman's fingers caught in car door
Jammed closed by child
I stop/watch
Air full of unrestrained throated fright
Faces pinched
Operatic octaves saturate
Bruised blueness on white skin
Painted nails cracked crooked crushed
Dozens of doors open
Onto the scenery

Child a collapsing sack of congested gutteral expressings
Man from the car bounds around beautifully
In cavalry speed
As savior as man who saves or alleviates or rescues

Woman and child in bonded unison not since pregnancy
Sending echoes
Cave-like boomings bounce off buildings
Up to meet planes crossing the country

A fainting
There is a fainting
She is fainting

Night-light madness

I’d like to sleep now, please

Lft side

Rt side



Escalation                                     of                                      rotation

Tastings of the day

Agitations, extremities of cogitations, verbals, evocations

Plead for cessation of cerebral isometrics

Meds slow to silence hippocampus

Strangle the brooding burglar stealing my thoughts alarming the wakened with their warped efficacy

Twitchy muscles desire mission fulfillment

Ear-burn suggests somewhere someone is saying 

Something Pecksniffian I can’t pillory

Sensor lights ARE functioning!   

Keith Nunes (Aotearoa/New Zealand) was nominated for Best Small Fictions 2019, the Pushcart Prize and has won the Flash Frontier Short Fiction Award. He’s had poetry, haiku, short fiction, asemic writing and visuals published around the globe.
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