Marcia Arrieta

the shadow of a bear

to dwell in seamless  the analogy of a hat in wind in snow in rain in sun
to surrender not.      the boots on the road

to dream imagination & threads the tides necessary a sharpened pencil the bear sleeps. many books. many stories. the glass breaks. Alice falls. nests & porcupines.
dust. sand. wind. the traveler is a bluefish. the traveler is an ocotillo.
graphite the infinite— innocent literally the rhetoric of silent or clothes washed against mountains sparrow hawk the wing across generations—the convent. the farm. the umiak awaits the river. the rains texture time. the words become leaves. become acorns. more nebula than nimbus. a season of seconds. seaward
song of experience the pieces are taped precariously—they will hold

Marcia Arrieta's recent poetry collections include vestiges ( Dancing Girl 2019) and perimeter homespun (BlazeVOX 2019). Her work appears in Word For/Word, Tiger Moth, Marsh Hawk, Angel City, Helen, Anastamos, Eratio, Empty Mirror, and Hobart.

Autumn found her walking parts of the Camino de Santiago for inspiration and the New Years in Taos.

She edits and publishes Indefinite Space, a poetry/art journal.
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