Clara B. Jones


for Melania Knauss Trump

"No portrait of modern man will remain because he has lost his human face and is returning to the jungle." Oskar Kokoschka (1886-1980)

Detroit is black, its crime rate is high, and its museum is struggling to survive.
Negroids belong to Mensa in Slovenia where machines savant are protected by law.
Guerrilla bots are made in Cuba where crime is low—proving that Communism is the root of all exhaustion.
Anthropology is all the rage, but humans aren't as vital as microbes.
Negro-tactics save the day but never prove the rule since Post-racial poets rue Adamic ideals, escaping from Nihilism.
Baltimore is black, its crime rate is high, and its museum is endangered by riots.
“Otherness” shifts from month to month in Maribor where crime is under-reported, and dumplings are a gourmet meal.
Resistance is another form of prayer, but Donald won't save manatees unless vegans add beef to their diet.
Boredom is the root of all depression, and močnik is the only cure.
“Total memory is rapidly becoming our default mode.” Paul Stephens
Hegemony caught Janša by surprise when he left prison for the real world.
Negro-strategies are all you need if race is still a factor though your boredom poems prove that multitasking is a detriment to mental health.
Negro-morphs are pets that purr like cats when beech trees flower in spring, and mountain winds reach Kranj all the way from Ljubljank.
Revolution will come in your lifetime, but Socialism won't make you happy because Climate Change is the only game in town.
Synth[esis] is necessary if happiness is relative, and illness is a metaphor.
Chaos is as close as we get to god where order has failed us.
Camden is black, and its crime rate disrupts like a postmodern poem. Nevertheless, New Jersey makes the best corn dogs on the East coast.
Cape Town is black. Its crime rate was high when we rode a train to Botswana to go on safari: https://www.abercrombiekent.com/travel-destinations/africa-safari/southern-africa/botswana

Resistance pacifies the lower class since work requires skills; but, the middle class won't receive healthcare, and noone knows the way to Truth.
Negro-aesthetics determined the price of sculpture when Jakac exhibited at MOMA.

...spontaneous, intuitive, impulsive, muse, domestic, provident, subordinate, marginal, object, minority, weak, dependent, collective, egalitarian, children, particular, home, “other,” communal, interior/receptive (vagina), emotional, subjective, Madonna/virgin : whore, helpless, needy, non-contractual, relationships, affective, passive, Nature, nice, love, support, caring, instinct, biology, bonding, belonging, Feminism, utopian-unrealistic, oppressed, family, protected, victim, transactional, order, student, agricultural, matriarchy, literal, attitudes, opinions, feelings, illogical, recurrence, motherhood, secondary, gossip...

You were his partner then but not for life.
If you don't push yourself you'll regret
It in 10 years or you'll change direction
When you learn that Afrobots are needed
To work in Piran. Don't worry about money
Since investors will give you more than
You need though you are anxious about
Pleasing them while they curate your
Time. You collect birds in collapsing
Ecosystems where Snake Eagles are
Almost extinct but you endure conditions
In a war zone to bring the spoils home.
Your son missed someone he never
Knew so you fixed a display of feathers
For his shelf—displayed among red
Trucks and an unclassified fossil tooth
That you found in Chad's desert near the
Border with Niger where layers
Of the Sahel crumble as surely as they rose.

Personal Calculus, November 2018

Art is often the subject as well as the context.
Genotype is destiny in Baltimore.
In 1973, I walked into the Amazon with a Yagua man I did not know.
Brian Shimkovits plays “Awesome Tapes from Africa.”
My father tried to smother me.
i don't know you, do i?
My cat howls at the moon.
Another star is born...
Kin discrimination, negative relatedness, and how to distinguish between selfishness and spite:
rb - c >0
A lover's early death is the greatest gift a woman can receive.
In 1973, I shot an endangered Saimiri on Osá.
At a party in Ithaca, I saw my psychiatrist pull his son from a chair and slam the boy onto the floor.
“Why keep on pulling material from 2000-plus years of art history now that we have all these new online cultures?" Jon Rafman
Ulysses is everything....
Rita Dove lost the war by calling Helen Vendler, “racist.”
Afrobots live in ghettos with cats.
“I like sad things and hateful things and angry things, as they just stick with me more than happy things.” David Raymond Conroy
My mother gassed defective kittens in our oven.
Does what we desire make us who we are?
I never had good sex and a good man at the same time.
In 1973, I hiked the bank of the tributary to find the Yagua. In 1976, I climbed Talamanca to find the Bribri.

I remember when—
—we read Gibran poems in that café near Harvard;
—you and your cat licked milk from a blue bowl perched on the edge of the highest stair leading to the basement;
—Jerry jumped from the cliff in Utah;
—Jamal's Afrobot was struck by a truck on the way to Starbuck's®;
—the Einstein of the negroes was found in Harlem;
—Tyrone's boyfriend flew to Munich to view the Kandinsky;
—the sun didn't rise until noon;
—you ate collards and bluefin tuna;
Le Bernardin® had no Michelin stars;
—Shemika said she was Swedish;
—Michelle put her hands on the Queen of England;
—my mother's death brought me pleasure;
—the tapir walked into my garden;
—I shot the howler monkey that died;
—'Toya ordered fat back and corn bread at Le Bernardin®;
Tabebuia bloomed in synchrony;
The Bell Jar told my story, and Nihilism seemed like a good idea.

Clara B. Jones is a Knowledge Worker practicing in Silver Spring, MD, USA. Among other writings, she is author of Poems for Rachel Dolezal [Gauss PDF, 2019]. Clara, also, conducts research on experimental literature, radical publishing, as well as, art & technology.
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