J. Crouse

Apostle Apolo

I. Fourteen Holy Helpers

God I beg in earnest asking
God I beg in earnest asking
God I beg in earnest asking
God I beg in earnest asking
God I beg in earnest asking
God I beg in earnest asking
God I beg in earnest asking
God I beg in earnest asking
God I beg in earnest asking
God I beg in earnest asking
God I beg in earnest asking
God I beg in earnest asking
God I beg in earnest asking
God I beg in earnest asking
What is that humming sound and what
Can be done about it being
That it is unknown and not a
Virtue but a reason for what
It does mean to be trapped within
The consistency of the flesh?
Symmetry long since forgotten.
Now left with the anomaly
Of a thalidomide baby
Excrement itself breathes with the
Heavens in harmony with death.
Norms originate as habits
Forbidden by indigestion.
Platitudes do not redeem and
Sculpture is built because there are
No easy answers to be found.
Why question the profane when trust
In the risk of a body in
Pain is wholly autonomous?
Is atmosphere found wanting if
Love resides in a pool of sick?
Not if God is alive in pus.
Who is to say what conscience is?
They that are deserted now and
Forever as original?
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Sudden sinner! Sudden sinner!
Phthisis is ethic incarnate!
Dignity is intestinal!
Moral dilemma is sterile!

II. African Saint

Settlement of Apolo the
Apostle to the pygmies had
Far reaching implications for
The soul that was obedient
To the clerical dictates of
Mammalian reminiscence.
Itinerant mound builders in
Pre-historical Kentucky
Were people of the blue water
Who studied kinship and marriage
And were the prophets of the earth.
The Devil had walked with the great

Apes through the flora of Egypt.
Rural hours reading roots was
Second nature in the grassland.
Huguenot heritage had a
History of holy boldness:
Reasonable enthusiasts
Causing disquiet in the land—
The ambassadors of Christ and
Caesar set apart to serve up
Blueprints for Zulu royalty.
The account of Assyrian
Deeds six minutes before sunset
Chronicled the life of Pilate.
Technoscientific angst led
The Sea-Dyak of Borneo
To study guinea-pigs and rats.
Had the immigrant kept the faith
For twenty-five hundred years the
Elephant graveyard would have been
A common thread in search of light.
Homilies of the highlanders:
Sentimental upturned soil flowed
Home from the harvest to the sea—
The laws of the tricolor sun.
Her tragic fate followed him to
The kingdom of burning trees in
A deluge of dust and ashes:
A mystique of hysterical
Joy lending authenticity
To quotidian loneliness.
Calvinists were blue in the jaw
Over Transylvania voicing
Praise for contributions made by
The dreamer in the paper boat.
No worries South of the West where
A dispossessed ancestry in
Search of an identity were
In a world where flowers of the
Field were growing through the brick floor.
The Bible was bone and verdure:
Promulgation of the Bab in
Testament to Khusrav the First—
Functional communication.
Causality and consensus:
Stout effort in the uttermost
East to return to happiness.
Along the way a decision
Reserved for an Episcopate
Was made in pursuit of Jesus.
Stones cried out for the Taghmical
Art of expounding scripture by
Ibn Ezra on Isaiah.
Stoik were beyond the wolf line when
Obdorsk graves were without crosses.
The Friars came possessed by God.
The Y.M.C.A. confronted
The young men with the Living Christ.
The prisoners of the Purple
Having eclipsed the Scottish had
Uprooted humanity and
The fate of Admiral Kolchak.
Scotsman in Western Canada
Conflicted with the sub-arctic
Echoes from the backwoods fur trade
Sweeping winds of unrest through the
Blood-drenched altars of Mexico
Building a State on Puget Sound.
Lengthening shadows had produced
Peaceful change in the Pacific.
Mongols did not fear the giraffe:
Deformity in animal
Life had an adversary in
Heaven according to Noah.

Fortunate were they that saw the
Image of the invisible
Eve on the way to Ninevah.
The village scribes were the human
Agents of the cosmic power
Of painful pious charity
By the Catholic avant-garde
For the wounded Diocese of
Cork in the fray of the Memra.
The statutes of Coptic nuns were
Advice to a desolate France
Where pilgrims were vested in grace
By the prayers the of Senators.
An unbrought Hindu polity
Of stratagems and spoils ended
The human basis of romance.
The revolt of the tenantry
Was a retreat from Eleusis—
The sense of the real was solace.
Victorian insolvency
Had popular opposition.
The limits of influence on
The unimaginable had
The infinite potential for
A haphazard reality.
Incidents in the life of a
Quaker child accounted for the
Gospel labor of Chinese wives.
Armors of great men were found in
The biography of the blind:
Creators of the age of steel—
A fringe of the descriptive world
Without Oriental outlines.
The problem of Uralistics
Complicated colloquial
Hungarian assumptions on
Apocalyptic adventures.
Concealment of the explicit
Four meals of flesh and blood revealed
His majesty's secret agent—
The Gazeteer of Chittagong.
Human understanding had been
The brainchild of the Bogeyman.
The system and structure of the
South Indian omen had soon
Limited the lies that were lived.
Ladies with large hearts delivered
Babylonian loan contracts—
A cow of sin was incanted.
The imperishability
Of the dots of destiny were
Astrological in nature:
The remnants of unclean spirits—
What was a razor for a goat:
The occasion of a comet—
What the kolanut was saying.
Miscellaneous and minor
Collections of European
Manuscripts in the India
Office Library classified
Finds in the desert of Judah.
The Biennial Review of
Ethnobotany archived a
Backlog of descendents and the
Discovery of grandmothers.
The genealogical and
Heraldic history of the
Landed gentry of Great Britain
Had records in two hemispheres.
The perilous voyages of
Men without countries promised death
In a dreamland reconstructed

By the Czechs of Oklahoma.
The pioneering period
In the war of the dispossessed
Was a social transformation
For the Isthmus of Panama.
Cannibal encounters were the
Cost of conquest for the frontier
Mission in Western Honduras.
The Tolupan Indians were
Masters of animals in the
Last colonial massacre—
So by the Lady of Mercy:
A rediscovery of God.
A transcendental argument.
The divisions throughout the whole.
The analyst and the mystic.
The pilgrims of infinity:
A speaking aristocracy
That usurped the unquiet soul.
The scope of Slavic aspect and
The parameters of Slavic
Clitics were common to problem
Slavic palatalization.
The panslavic eastern question
On near eastern Southern Slavs was
Asked by monks of Mount Athos who
Lived in the land of Ararat.
The rise of Maratha power
During the siege of Lucknow was
A seafight in transition for
The Bahmanis of the Deccan.
The religious in thought of the
High priests of Memphis did not die.
The gospel of the cloister and
Jungle were the wayfarer's words:
An archaic human landscape.
The envy of the Greek peasants.
The Westward approach to Vinland:
Proceedings of the Eighth Viking
Congress in Western Christendom.
Congo and the Berlin Act looked
Ahead in quest of gorillas:
Rear column in white man's country.
Big game shot on the equator.
Giants of Zazzau government's
Administrative craterland.
Riddle of where three empires met:
A face aflame on monsoon seas—
The hill folk were a prelude to
The downfall of the Dervishes.
Worldmindedness was slumbering:
Father Hyacinthe lectured on
The social sanity of a
Man on your back at the crossroads—
Shibboleth was strong and free then.
Time was longer than rope in the
Good company of the harmless
People in witch-bound Africa.
New allegiance had ended the
Heralded tenure of Tench Coxe.
Schism and continuity
In a money economy
Caused a problem for cattle thieves.
People spoke of the black lamb and
Of a struggle for a by-path.
Domestic discord and the deaf
Were equally dangerous to
The glamour of excavation—
The apple was made on the earth.
Doctors looked at love and life in
The sexual behavior of
Their upper-cultured patients when

Detumescence caused a decline
In the affairs of Dame Rumor.
The task of social hygiene in
An age of fear in the midst of
Plenty was a false equation:
Justice for those at the bottom.
Race death on the side of mercy
Was each for all and all for each:
Centuries of phallic worship—
The right to be happy was wrong.
The suppression of mutiny
Was at them with a bayonet.
Unrecorded bones were scattered.
A Himalayan blunder had
Been witness to the century.
Laxman had been the sole spokesman
For the sub-regional movement
Against untouchable freedom.
A dissident principate was
The architect of corruption.
The tarnished policies of the
Triumvir were barbarian.
Leaders and masses were in the
Early world of the friendly king:
The storming of the heavens by
The pagan martyrs acted as
A triumviral narrative—
The beginning of written Rome.
Medieval prosopography
Deified abstract ideas
And constructed identities:
Augustine aristocracy
Was the mask of a parasite.
The Iron Age community
Consoled itself with laughter in
The shadow of Vesuvius—
Pannonia was fortified.
Morphologies of faith in a
Secular city were making
And remaking the beginning
And end of a vision for man.
Blackness and the life of the stars
Were part of a lost tradition.
Ante-Nicene fathers were the
Black gods of the metropolis
Humanizing cities through the
Christological process of
Patristic inculturation.
Liturgical consummation
Of a Filipino plain style
In the second one thousand years
Was a requirement of the Lord—
A discovery of causes.
Brutally mandated bygone
Days were the birth of dilemma--
Untamed years on a path of blood.
The abdication of the white
Man in the far interior
Had been nothing but explicit.
The lost search for simple justice
Obstructed a muted fury.
The vanishing Irish upland
Had a transforming effect on
The French demographic landscape.
Mobility and migration
Brought a century of murder
To the village and the seaport:
Decentering the Dutch seabourne
Empire was a distant magnet—
The cohesion of oppression.
Aspects of the Hebrew genius
Had ministerial problems
With Christian interpretation—
The case of the chosen people:

Divine legation differed to
Light amid the darkness of the
Face of God biting on granite.
The Samaritan plea for the
Children of the gilded ghetto
Generated a decision.
Bypassed ethical treatises
Were hated gests by pilgrim men.
The insulted and exiled spent
Challenging years dissolving views.
Communities in stress saw to
It to pity persecutors.
Comparative approaches to
Policy in a place apart
Divided archival theory—
The principle of provenance.
The fatal inheritance of
Favoritism among the
Second Umayyad Caliphate
Was not enough in a world of
Conquest and assimilation.
The language of the annals of
Ulster was a Celtic who's who
Of Welsh law and Cornish sea-words.
Artistic decipherment of
Graffiti on pottery was
A reduplication of an
Indological disorder:
An uncolonized and obscure
Acre of green grass had emerged--
A jubilee for Prester John.
Compositorial practice
Represented spirited life.
Practicing cultural power
Became necessity to a
Fictive people caught in the act.
Death of the King's son Marko bore
Shades of Serbocroatian song—
An anonymous formation.
Paradise became inferno
In the revolt against the Turks
In the twilight of life beside
A secret river of rifles
Endowed by transpired aspirants.
Early jurisprudence studied
Scientific indication.
Scientific social surveys
Researched violent solutions:
Conspectus of the Mycenas.
Command of vascular flora.
Calcium antagonism.
A trilingual dictionary
Of pure and mixed dialect was
The doctrine of a future life
Discontent in diversity
And searching for the Spring Babbler.
Marginal women were broken
Icons of intuition for
The children of conformity
In contextual transition.
The mind went forth speaking of man's
Story sequence analysis—
Brain exhaustion had been taboo.
Personality adjustments
Used personal documents for
Research and test development.
Correlations were influenced
By age and bodily changes—
Brain watchers charted happiness.
Man's mental pathology had
Been his supreme inheritance.
Blood ghosts were a people apart—
A rejoinder to resurrect.

It was the word that was given
Feeble minded children needing
Nerve control for besetting fears
And the dread of the imbecile.
The almost etheric damage
To the face of disaster by
The psychology of beauty
Was celestian aberration.
Debatable reach of the dead
Was the coming science in the
Then present-day visible world.
A star-crossed renaissance had the
Unique status of fatigue for
Feeling with prolegomena.
The nature of prejudice was
Found in the social life of ants.
The childhood ape mentality
Of a well-rounded life had been
A dialectic of morals—
The depth of the infinite man.
A.S.P.S. proceedings were
An interplay of opposites:
The serpent and satellite of
An American gentleman—
The peep-hole of the family.
The genetic logic of thought
And things for the mind in action
Were not beyond tragic vision.
The search for truth had been concise
And laws of thought were limited.
The follies and frauds of freethought
Through agnostic spectacles had
Appealed Sunday legislation
Defending theories of the earth.
Nature and revelation had
Sacrificed man and the two worlds.
Chemistry was pre-Adamite:
A life-work of near heretic
Scientific nomenclature—
Tragedy of the undivine
Blood-voice encountered in Eden.
A Gupta Age chronography:
The changing patterns on both sides
Of agrarian reform where
Holy land lies were uneasy
Fragments shored against their ruin.
The ambivalence of progress
In the temptation to exist
Astonished the world with farflung
Acts of the perpendicular.
An interpretation of the
Ordinary was the nature
Of one's candid recollections
Of one's elders and one's betters.
One's unhappiness had deprived
A still life from being elsewhere.
Dogma was without compulsion.
The passing and the permanent
Had been conceived without thunder.
Belief was a human venture.
The universe was unfinished.
A perfect life was not vital.
Immortality was a guess:
A moral use of dark things where
Living perplexities were a
Little lower than the angels.
The creation of converging
Worlds was a holy alliance:
Parity in dread of plenty—
A cultivating company
Kept the fruits of mountain lords
freed of the social banditry
In the war of the black heavens.

The social space of the rising
Generation of machinists
Was a brotherhood before the
Enemy was within the walls.
A turbulent spirit had split
The limits of militancy.
It was the decline of the South.
Beggars on horseback practiced a
Politics of benevolence.
The African bourgeoisie had
An absorptive capacity.
Egypt's underdevelopment
Had enhanced cooperation.
Paradigms had been confronted.
Competing for human faces
Was a source code of exception.
Educational expansion
After pomp and circumstance was
An ambivalent adventure:
Restructured resistance to the
Decline of donnish dominion:
Surprise heir to a troubled South—
Pacific and Pacific Rim.
Radical relations with the
Jacaranda Melanesian
Were a critical enterprise:
A serial syntax of the
Crucible of Carolina—
The development of Gullah.
Nagaland was inter-lingual:
A standard pidginization—
The depravity of wisdom.
Appeal to expert opinion
Controlled the imaginary.
Intentions were contested while
Canons were negotiated
And identity was ignored.
Screaming for survival was at
Root a course for human beings:
A communication skill for
Mothertongues of the foreign-born.
The processes and prospects in
The Ecuadorian Andes
Entwisted and revitalized
A grammar of Tariana.
The pluricentric reconquest
Of District Six was eminent:
The evidence for a sound change.
The sole function of a twofold
Harvest for the exploration
Of some of the hardest glosses.
Cambro British languages had
Always been a goblins movement—
A register of the council:
Port book tribal law and custom.
Thirty years of white mutiny
Was the structure of the ordeal.
The double identity of
Bushwhacking in the far province
Under the rebel commandant
Vindicated the scrutable—
An emergence of harem life.
The sequel to an Anglo-Dutch
Rivalry in the Malay world:
A physician at the court of
Siam was on and off duty—
A consul in paradise had
A sportsman's opportunity.
The great image was a menace
seen through the eyes of aliens.
The Lords of Life were pacified.
The post-classical ancestral
Neighborhoods of honorable

Harafish were inherited.
Nominal accentuation
Was confronted with perfection
By both the Aryans and Balts
In the two decades following.
The laughable stories of the
Likeness of Christ were collected
In the letters of Rim-Sin where
Protective refutations were
Epistles of consolation.
Venerable philanthropy
Had a social dimension where
Living thoughts of relic caskets
Would enlighten nuns and pandits.
Discerning traces untied the
Knots of emancipatory
Identity transformation.
The politico-religious
Universal king conception
Was paradoxical in its
Felicitous understanding
Of legitimate fragrances.
Dead faces were remembered through
The social reproduction of
Enmeshed bloodshed and vengeance by
Lost world voices singing with pigs.
The edge of existence was a
Place of misery displacing
And dismembering a native
By fishhook for a feathered god.
The tradition of the coma
Had social continuity—
A wonder that was with malice
The rise of a permanent way.
Unknown disturbances in the
Gorgeous East were only theory
While still under experiment.
Preliminary practices
Of the innermost essences
Were combined with the water-bird
Into the inconceivable.
The reconstruction of social
Thought was the inevitable
Victory attributed to
A declaring unbeliever.
Birth anniversaries were a
Discerning hybrid furthering
The foundation of discipline.
Psychiatric aspects of the
Giant crab captivated the
Concealed minds of the fortunate.
The syncretistic learned horde
Recognized the reflowering
Of a festive dissolution.
Practical hints to fiord region
Travelers were scientific:
The anger threshold at the Green
Island Outpost of the Lost was
A medical experience—
The great Northward course of empire:
The last of a few cavalier
Impersonal relationships
Dismounting among Eskimos—
A lineage system of the
Childhood hunters of caribou.
The disintegration of half
Hour biblical sources into
Schisms and sects of assassins
Was a struggle for a spirit
Of unified variety

Objecting to controversy.
The fictive tie of a thought that
Did not bleed had no fixed abode:
Gynecology became the
Making of man-midwifery—
A letter to Grantly Dick-Read.
The anonymous passion of
Conscience was the foundation for
Riddles of untold phantom fame—
Proud shoes and a star to steer by.
The foes of New England bygones
Were forerunners of expansion—
A preface to preparedness.
The seeing of the sunny South
Through the eventful Natchez Trace
Was the backbone of politeness.
Representative families
Of the Board of Proprietors
Of the Eastern Division were
Members of the Safety Council
In the Hunterdon tradition—
The iron in New Jersey pines.
Mounted riflemen marched across
The wide Missouri cow country
Gathering at the river of
The family of God to shape
The paths of old-time religion
With the dissenting voices of
Self-made men of the wilderness.
Documents related to the
Louisiana limits in
The journal of Paul du Ru were
Sesqui-centennial record:
An army mule photographer
Roamed the border and buffalo
On roads of brimstone and chili--
Frontier law was a crow killer.
The general society
Of mechanics and tradesmen were
The human story behind the
Great Blizzard and Triangle Fire.
Horatio Seymour and the
Disposition of Loyalist
Estates in the Southern District
Proclaimed an oath of devotion
To a critical period.
Hagiography transplanted
The examination of mirth.
Experiential response to
Corpse reduplication had an
Onomatopoeic echo—
A loneliness for what was not.
The outline for a treatise on
Lackadaisical upheaval
Was autobiographical:
Silent people spoke against the
Prowess of animal acts of
War in the Garden of Eden.
The scars of evolution were
A gift of the estuary—
Faunal remains of the river.
Human skeletal remains were
Of old American God-Apes.
Manifest duty predicted
Visions of an interethnic
Burden signified by serpents.
The savage side of meekness had
Expected immortality
In the wake of the goddess and
A road back to living through eyes.

J. Crouse lives in New York City. He is a member of Remote Choir on Specific Recordings.
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