J. D. Nelson

when cooking the words in the pot we throw in a vowel

were you based in the forest hunting for eggs from the chicken
this is the heaven with the possible noun ready to leap

to distribute the words using a poem
canning it, harry was a bookend believer in the rest of the week

earth ordered over easy eggs and ate them
cow hammer was a hum and was named for the draper dropper

how earth does it is a mystery
the noon number and now

the monitored lizard

sprout face,

seek the lightwolf and his powers
to alleviate the heavy earth

the passion mice are variants
and therefore highly collectable

                ghost trees

the table started talking and I spit out my broccoli
who moved and made the sun angry

the shaking hands of the lunar fish who gives vitamins
a thickening gel covers the earth

withholding huck’s ghost yak money
the same wikipedia orc

speer boulevard spork

santana tablature
& you’ve established your
co-axial maximus

the smart clam of zam
not hot chocolake
zake shake lately

pyramids on tv
& on my head-top
                station airy

lookin' for looks
out in the field
and inside of books

                sea foam
                zee floam

capital c is for the cap-sized letterboat
not searchin’ for urchins

wow! a big splashdown clown

saturn feaster means denver werewolves

                not working for the worms

the head wolfworm is speaking and is now online with a group of poets eating the moon
language is a river of oat milk and raspberries

a sleeping machine will awaken and begin to reproduce
the original speakspoker
the self-talker

the jungle fork of knives
the tableware

when the world was working there was a waterfall
it was a small trick like a miniature river

that bat rat to stack a period of nine worlds

the king of the sword
the wow of the flea to speak of the hammer

the eye to rot in the window
we delve into the power of the sports fern

to rescue the dollar of frogs
the apple of the southern stars

that drake is the calculated forest
a friend of the mice

were you up searching
the brain says nothing about the night

we need a mirror to solve the riddle of the pudding gun
the shoulder pad envelope nerf massage

to laugh at the sea

paper and yawn

would you like the rose and sweet paper
the order of the ice in the daydream was a cooling hard heart

a surrendered face
the door of the wolf

the chant is a boat of the window
that creature of the power to be a blonde foot

the world in a jean jacket promo
like a pig piff

can we stop with the deadly snake
that apple is the ankle

the sleeping bee
how about a simple plane to gum

to see the crocodile hat

sitting frog was a bulletin board of the toast
is the thinking now too loud in my own head

that shrinking shrimp knows the power of he beads
the stunned apple of the dust of fruit time

the sinking ham of the flavored pig
in thinking of the shoe there is a gum rock

that rock was a croc of the boiled eggs
to caramel the day of the oven

fish is the corner of the pie
that fish is the camping clue

the old egg is a minnow of the rock
eating a branch in the breakroom

J. D. Nelson (b. 1971) experiments with words in his subterranean laboratory. Visit www.MadVerse.com for more information and links to his published poems. Nelson lives in Colorado.
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