Jim Leftwich

BrittLe jELlyFish filLEd with cLUes

aRkwOrds arTWoRts
foRuMbLer raMbLing
touCHiNg cOeXisteNt
oF iNtUitiOn

After the gold Russian thistle

monthmouth hissing this we
celebra heartbreathe
rid of the jagged world the atomic
hair escape the dangerous
wavering weakening
look at mother nature on the 
run in the 19 seventies
cents & centaurs they
create the forked eyes &
ore their nightbooks electric
antennae sizzle the arbent
tonguefist thirsting sirens
sliding weeks sandyodel
crooked cookbooks alor
along his deuce shin whirl
lately have been born in
both of the moons
wandering like eyes on
the bottoms of our toes

mOLecULar hOPping Festival

fiVe RiVErs haViNg bEan
Oud gOUrd hoNed Homim
maNUfacTUring stYLetHOuGHt
hYbRid cHaNce pOpULations
chaNting dAyLight train RidEs

Chair-spreading table a deadfish gloom

moons folded in morning amnesia
the knots are grilled the
thesis of the lungs
post-enga agreet whose eggs 
are greener than the thin the
thinking brim spokes all my 
legs are broken all my
stiff porridge anguished in
blackeyed juice and fishglue
we are uncorked uncoiled
consciousness a full wooden
moon hidden in cosual mistcoven

The day-sea seldom jumps

yEt obJEcts
my pubLico (Chick Corea
on improvising: "Leave
space — create space
— intentionally create
places where you don’t
play.") play
yEars Eat Langmusio
eXpLOn fUrtHer
baYou aRchiTecTUre
motidic geNRes
die iN tHe CitiEs
during CapitaL nUdes

the wheels of the onion are our guests

implicate caterpillar em im
am inveterate imbricate om
kangaroo rat creosote dust
storm ongoing lasso & vase
faceless have you heard
this story before green or pink
wings spectacle mear April
walking for reasons all its
own invertebrate hat
ongoing haven and wink

Improximate far panda carpet

EquiPped with tEaKeTtLe
aMbiEnt LipSTYle
bOnes decay in tHe cEntRal
hEAVens of Our RecLimpt
fEtish briLlo dRedGing
the birdfurniture fROm
fUtUre buFFers oF
lOgisTicaL oRdEr


Parsed sea-map

fEline kazOo

Less-nothing chang

meatparadox dice
cOmpLox pRedicaments
seVEral stRuCtuRes
jUXtapOsed / in
tHeir cULtURal wiNg
a dOUbLe biRd


 cLaiMs prOxiMate
lOgic / autONOmous
 sCieNces wiTHin
the mARGinal stripes
  / poiNts amONg
otHEr stONes / If
  fiRe, then aXe
sEams / vaLUes
 As aUtOnOmOus

Literary Fictions

fogkitCHEn samiZdat
puMiced / nOt seVer
wHo juMps / it was
tHe LiMit oF, / nOr
iLLuSis Of Notio,
pie to the cUts oF
chOsen Energy,
eMergy / micrOsEEds

Who choit partial

variOmus buNding
 buNdLing hEists
  sUbVerting tHe
kEpt      medDLe

nOr laNk eXtreme Fir

tZara-KazOo coincome
 coMmuNal haTpoems

Boneknife flowering potato

UniVersAL aCtiOn iS AcTiOn
iN & AroUNd thOUGht, FiELd
sHirt maGNEtic hAir fOLded
heRe   to   HApPEN   thErE

Suit of Knives

rihgOruss / tHe gaME,
  riGOrOUs Or nOt, is
 riGGEd / sUrVEy ThE
gaRaGe  /  iTeRatiOns
 oF iNtUiTiOn / aLso
  HistORies, betwEEn
      tHe iNner sNows

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