Matthew Stolte, John M. Bennett, & Jim Leftwich

Matthew Stolte is an American concrete and visual poet, member of the International Union of Mail-Artists since 2011 & head of micropress eMTeVisPub (founded in 2010), based in Madison, Wisconsin USA.

His work has been published in Anthology Spidertangle by Xexoxial Editions, online versions of Verse Wisconsin, chapbooks by Tonerworks, Luna Bisonte Prods, Avantacular Press & elsewhere. December 2018 saw the publication of Van Gogh Dreams, a collection of poetry about the artist by various poets including Stolte. 2020 will see another collaboration chapbook by Andrew Topel & Stolte (Language Mangler) as well as the second edition of Concrete Dollars and Cents Poems by Stolte from eMTeVisPub, with a forward by C. Mehrl Bennett.
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