Sanjeev Sethi


Unkempt lawns
receive guests
to homes without hosts.
Skin untouched by skin
circulates its soreness.
An eager eye notes
its noise.

Mind-pop flies me
inside your cote.
Attire is an impediment
for the famished,
in hungriness inclinations
are peeled of pretense.
The mind is the finest bed.

Phylogeny Snapshot

Brazen admissions
of coup de foudre
on the zócalo
are this generation’s

We run shy of beller
and bluster:
the personal is nonpublic.
Minutiae isn’t getatable,
the message, if any is.

Millennials swear by another stripe.
They are in-the-face, brassy
and barefaced.
Like we were, as seen
from our ancestor’s gaze.


Snapshots in sepia camouflage the glint
and guilt of our quest. It is upon us to give
rise to emotions we wish to from these hush-
hush layouts. In a double back I desiderate
to go positive. In some luminosity there is
only lightlessness.

At This Moment

Nowadays I feel like inditing in Hindi.
I don’t have a war cry or the vehicle
of words to speed up my submission.
I will render it in a language I realize.

Nowadays I feel like inditing in Hindi.
Country of origin is sans an ombrifuge.
I can eye the flux. I can hear her snivels.
Exigencies need to be auscultated.

Nowadays I feel like inditing in Hindi.
Burn of being branched was somewhat
revivified, and now the dry run to rive
and ribbon us is on the edge of effecting.

Nowadays I feel like inditing in Hindi.
My plea is to the injured. Employ what
it takes to interdict it. Follow this through
without lacerations. Nother is us, ours.

Nowadays I feel like inditing in Hindi.
Welp, covenant of worrisome intent must
be killed. Otherwhere is here. Alertness
is the finest armor: temperance the tag line.


In a bout of sottish bonhomie,
unmindful of manners I wax
eloquent on virtues of hirsuteness.

Sanjeev Sethi is published in over 25 countries. He has more than 1200 poems printed or posted in venues around the world. Wrappings in Bespoke, is Winner of Full Fat Collection Competition-Deux organized by the Hedgehog Poetry Press UK. It’s his fourth book. It will be issued in 2020. He lives in Mumbai, India.
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