Stacey Allam & John M. Bennett

Wind Shoes

Wind flakes
with jagged edges
eyes behind the screen
fine tuning
the tongueless shoes
without the nice hats
that women wear

Fuzz Road

My wrist
snapped the stones
laying garlic a
cross the road
with boots widening
under the potato chip
where an ant takes wing
to get the fuzz out

Tongue Shovels

The lump on her tongue
cracked the corn flakes
and scrawled the neck
thought reverberating plucks
of sagging skin turned like
pages in wind and the
movement of cutless shovels

Dusty Feet

The bounce
next to the fingernail
was your nose falling
off the mirror's
missed crackerjack
what was in your ear
between the hair strands
a tornado
of many hair nets
feet swirling in dust

Stacey Allam is originally from Rego Park, Queens, New York, but has resided in Brooklyn for many years. She has been writing poetry most of her life.
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